There are many different genres of anime in the world. Although many of them tend to include divine characters that the main characters must defend themselves against, for one reason or another. However, not all of these gods were created easily. Some gods are so powerful that characters must sacrifice life and limb to even come close to winning, and others are too easily eliminated.

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There are some God characters in anime that seem extremely powerful but end up coming out much easier than one would expect. For better or for worse, the ease with which these characters were eliminated raises a question whether they are worthy of the title of “god” in the first place.

10 Konosuba’s Aqua was hit by low-level frogs

aqua konosuba happy

Aqua might be one of the easiest gods to eliminate in the anime world. Aqua was the goddess of water and was tasked with guiding humans to the afterlife. However, after disrespecting a human, she lost her divinity and is now considered something of a joke.

This degradation reduced his powers although he kept some of his original strength. Due to this degradation, he has suffered many losses to low-level enemies, namely frog monsters.

9 Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super was defeated by One Touch

zamasu beer

The world of Dragon Ball can be a bit complex when it comes to the lore and power surrounding the deities and gods of the series. But one of the most notable gods in the series was Zamasu, who was known to fans of the series for his temporary form that was achieved by stealing Goku’s body and becoming Goku Black.

Zamasu took a long time to defeat and almost pushed Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks to the limit in battle. However, his easy defeat was at the hands of an even more powerful God. Beerus, the God of Destruction, simply touched it and turned the fearsome God-hating mortal into space dust.

8 Palutena from Kid Icarus was defeated by vegetables

palutena anime

Nintendo anime series are something fans have dreamed of for years. During the Nintendo 3DS era, they had a little taste of what it might look like if any of the popular video game series got a chance for an animated series. One of those series that got the most attention was Child Icarus.

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At Child Icarus Viewers of the anime met Lady Palutena, the Goddess of Light, who is one of the strongest beings in the entire earth. While feared by many in this series, she was defeated by a horde of live vegetables (possibly a reference to the original Child Icarus game where the final boss was the wizard of the eggplant).

7 Hazama Masayoshi from Samurai Flamenco was defeated by all

flamenco samurai masayoshi

Samurai Flemish it is easily one of the most underrated anime out there. This series features a character named Hazama Masayoshi, who wants nothing more than to be a hero and struggles a lot with the task. However, the big plot twist is that Masayoshi ends up being a God.

Although this fact was unknown until the end of the series, it makes the previous moments where Masayoshi is easily defeated by some enemies, from street thugs to real monsters, quite questionable to look back on.

6 Death Note’s Ryuk was defeated by his addiction to apple

the Death Note The series actually features many gods (in the form of gods of death called Shinigami). Ryuk is one of these bringers of death and is one of the main characters in the anime.

Although he is not directly defeated in battle, he is easily defeated in terms of willpower by his “owner” and “boss” Light Yagami. How does this happen without a real battle? Ryuk’s addiction to the land apple makes him an easy target.

5 Shenron from Dragon Ball was defeated by a single lightning bolt

piccolo vs shenron

Shenron, Shenlong or Dragon God, is a magical dragon that is familiar to anyone who knows anything about him. Dragon Ball Serie. This dragon comes after being summoned by whoever collects the seven dragon balls to grant a wish, no matter how ridiculous.

The only time it was completely destroyed, and easily enough, by the evil Demon King Piccolo. After having his wish to regain his youth, King Piccolo easily slaughtered the dragon to prevent anyone else from using the dragon balls.

4 Soul Eater’s death was triggered by the Kishin

death soul eater

Lord Death of the Soul Eater the series was said to be the strongest in the series; However, during their big fight in the anime, there had to be a way to make him lose so that the children would take over the final battle against the Kishin.

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How was this done? When his son got in the way of danger, Death had to take the blow for him. This single hit was enough to put Death out of commission for the remainder of the anime.

3 Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was defeated by everyday life

Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi is another God character who has a lot of laughs behind her. Like Masayoshi, she is unaware of her divine power and, like him, she wants nothing more than to have some excitement and abnormality in her life. However, he wants it in the form of strange beings invading the planet.

Unlike Masayoshi, his defeat is not in battle, but in the monotony of everyday life. Whether it’s simple baseball games, trying to raise money, or making a mediocre movie, Haruhi just can’t take a break. Her biggest losses come from the fact that she is a God who wants unusual events, but never really witnesses the strange things around her.

two Shirayuki-Hime from Troubled Children Come From Another World, Right? He was defeated by a simple kick

shirayuki hime

The water god Shirayuki-Hime is another water god who does not deserve the title. When he faces the protagonist of the series, Izayoi, in a test battle in his dragon form, he appears to be a great threat. However, he ends up being easy prey.

This God was easily defeated early in the anime and immediately came back with a new trick up his sleeve. Too bad Izayoi was not very impressed even in this second match and with a single shot he KOed with a kick to the center of the head.

1 Chaos from Sonic X was easily defeated by Sonic The Hedgehog in a single hit via Homing Attack

Chaos of Sonic x The anime was nicknamed by Doctor Robotnik as the God of Destruction. This villain was featured as he did in the Dreamcast game that presented it as Sonic adventure and he was a pretty easy first boss. He was also taken down just as easily in the anime.

While Sonic and his friends were threatened by him at first, it ended up being a shove when Sonic hit him with a single attack. This resulted in a rapid retreat from the Chaos.

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