Avatar introduced his fans to some of the best characters ever to feature in television history. This show has the perfect mix of good and bad characters alike. However, unlike most shows, the bad guys in Avatar They are multidimensional, which means that they are not evil for the simple fact of doing so.

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In fact, many villains are very interesting and much loved by fans for being complex characters. However, the heroes of Avatar They have also been shown to possess certain traits that would make them fearsome villains, should they ever decide to cross over to the other side. So who are those good guys that possibly turned bad?

10 Sokka could have led the fire nation to victory

1 screaming sokka

Sokka was perhaps the smartest person in the Avatar gang. His inventions, swordsmanship, and instincts made him a force to be reckoned with. It was thanks to their plan that the gang was able to bring down the drill from the inside.

He was instrumental in the Invasion and also helped bring down the Fire Nation Aircraft. If he, a single person with such limited power and resources, could have such a huge impact on the outcome of the war, one can only imagine what he could have done if he had all the resources of the Fire Nation at his disposal.

9 Pakku could have conquered the world with the Northern Water Tribe

2 pakku of the northern water tribe

Pakku was a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe who was once known as the best waterbender in the world. He was also one of the members of the Order of the White Lotus who participated in the liberation of Ba Sing Se.

With the level of skill, experience and influence the old man had, he had the ability to take his tribe to the next level and perhaps even conquer the world. It could easily have been the Ozai of the Water Tribe, had he chosen so.

8 The mechanic was willing to create dangerous weapons to protect his son

3 the avatar mechanist

The Mechanist was a brilliant person who made several inventions that changed the course of history. The drill that was used to break Ba Sing Se was his design. Several of his inventions aided in the invasion in the episodes of “The Day of the Black Sun.”

He also made various high-grade weapons for the Fire Nation. Even though he did most of these things because he wanted to protect his son, there is no denying that a man who agreed to kill thousands of people under duress was not exactly the best guy to have by his side.

7 Piandao could have been an interesting non-Bender enemy

Sooka's Master, Piandao

Piandao was a master swordsman and was extremely skilled in combat. He was from the Fire Nation but he wasn’t a bender. He was also a very important member of the Order of the White Lotus and was part of the elite team that released Ba Sing Se.

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Most of the villains one saw from the Fire Nation were all benders. Without a doubt, it would have been like a breath of fresh air to see the Avatar gang take on a master swordsman like him. What would your tactics be and what would yours be? Who would be the winner?

6 Suki could create a lot of chaos with nothing to stop her

5 Suki and Warden on the Boiling Rock

Just like Ba Sing Se had Dai Li’s agents, Suki could have created her own army of Kyoshi warriors. There is no denying that Suki was a fearsome warrior and a specialist in hand-to-hand combat. She was also part of the extremely skilled Kyoshi Warriors.

She was agile and deadly, a fact that was proven multiple times throughout the show. He saved Toph from the Serpent, took the warden hostage at Boiling Rock, and also helped shoot down all of the Fire Nation airships. If she did so much when she was a good person, one can only imagine the chaos she would create if she were a villain.

5 Jeong Jeong had the brains and strength to be a formidable opponent

6 jeong jeong

Jeong Jeong was a master of Firebending. He was once part of the Fire Nation Army, but he defected from it. That is why he came to be known as “The Deserter”. Even though he was a master at Firebending, he thought that he only brought destruction and pain to the world.

If he hadn’t had such a strong moral compass, he would never have deserted. It could have given the Avatar gang a lot of trouble, seeing that he was not only a fierce firebender, but also an important official in the Fire Nation. Brain and strength make a deadly combination to defeat, and he would have made a formidable opponent.

4 The cabbage man would want revenge on everyone who has ever touched his vegetables

7 avatar cabbage man hugging cabbage

The only true love in Cabbage Man’s life was his cabbages. What if he had decided to take revenge on everyone who ever hurt his precious cabbages? Honestly, he would have been the type of villain who would have always had big plans to capture heroes, which would often backfire at the last minute.

It would be something like Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. It would certainly have been a very entertaining and hilarious twist on this fan favorite character and his antics.

3 Iroh could have been an even bigger threat than Ozai

8 fire breathing avatar iroh

There was a reason why Iroh was called the Great Dragon of the West. Many of the fans may not be aware that the show’s creators originally intended to turn Iroh into a traitor. According to his original plans, he was supposed to betray Zuko at a crucial moment.

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Imagine if that had come true. He was one of the strongest firebenders in the world, the only one who could have won against Ozai. He had also learned firebending from the dragons themselves. He certainly would have been a very strong villain, and perhaps someone who could have been an even worse Fire Lord than Ozai. It’s also hard to forget the fact that he was actually a bad person until the death of his son, Lu Ten.

2 Toph Beifong has always been a rule breaker

9 toph beifong from avatar

Toph was the greatest Earthbender in the world and she knew it. She invented Metalbending at the age of 12. In the episode “The Runaway”, one could clearly see his disregard for the laws and rules when he scammed the citizens of the Fire Nation out of their money.

That, combined with her commanding abilities and brash nature, would have made an excellent villain, one who could be even stronger than Azula and perhaps less morally restrained than her.

one King Bumi put the lives of Aang and his friends at risk

10 King Bumi from Avatar

When fans first saw King Bumi in “The King of Omashu,” fans instantly assumed that he was the chaotic evil character. They couldn’t be blamed for this opinion because Bumi acted irrationally. He put Jennamite rings around Katara and Sokka that could kill them if left too long.

He then made Aang go through many deadly trials to save them. If he could have done all of this while on the good side, one can only imagine what he would be like as a bad boy. He really was a mad genius.

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