Jackie Chan is an absolute legend in the entertainment industry. While the actor has been inspired by martial arts greats like the late Bruce Lee, Chan has also added a lot to the choreography within the action genre. His long list of films has been truly remarkable in bringing martial arts to the big screen.

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Jackie Chan’s own style puts the focus on storytelling. From incredible stunts to incorporating a lot of physical comedy into his movements, Chan truly is the master of putting fight sequences on screen that serve the narrative. Many other films can find their action influenced, in part, by the work of Jackie Chan.

10 Honorable mention: Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings (2021)

Although it has yet to be released and is therefore classified as an honorable mention, it’s hard to deny the influences of Jackie Chan’s work on the upcoming Marvel martial arts film. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings.

Not only have there been rumors that Chan himself may have been cast in the role of Zheng Zu in the past, but the movie has hired Andy Cheng to work on the action for the movie. Cheng is a longtime Jackie Chan collaborator and choreographer, so his career is clearly on Marvel’s mind.

9 John Wick (2014)

John wick

John wick it is often used as an example of a movie that changed modern action movies. The fast-paced choreography and intense focus on action were due to the fact that the director behind all three films was actually a stuntman previously.

Chad Stahelski is one of the main reasons the action sequences are so incredible, along with the stunt team and choreographers. Inspired by the heroes of the genre, Stahelski mentioned Jackie Chan as a large part of the foundation of the John wick combat.

8 The Matrix (1999)

Bruce Lee is often cited as one of the inspirations for Jackie Chan’s career, but it’s hard to ignore Yuen Woo-Ping’s role in the actor’s story. Directed Woo-Ping The Drunken Master, Chan’s prominent role, and has contributed greatly to other important stock images, including Kill Bill.

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As someone who has worked alongside Jackie Chan and learned from his martial arts style, not surprisingly, Woo-Ping’s work on Matrix as the action choreographer is heavily influenced by Chan among other martial artists.

7 Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Kung Fu Panda

Ridiculous as it may seem to suggest, even an animated movie must have its fight scenes choreographed. That job went to the storyboard artist. Rodolphe Guenoden, who has actually studied martial arts for many years.. Of many ways, Kung Fu Panda is a love letter to this style of combat.

As a comedy and martial arts film, whose sequel turns 10 this year, Guenoden had to turn to the greats of the industry. However, Jackie Chan’s influence on the movie didn’t stop there. Along with the dumpling fight scenes, inspired by his work, he was also cast in the film to provide the voice of Monkey.

6 Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

The Church Struggle in Kingsman The Secret Service

Directing the action is hard enough. Trying to create comedy within that action is even more challenging. Then bringing in an actor who has very little stunt experience makes the task next to impossible. That was the problem Kingsman was facing.

Luckily for star Colin Firth, Jackie Chan’s own team came to work with him on the fight sequences.. Setting the bar incredibly high for future sequels, the result was an incredible mix of comedy and action beats, with two hugely memorable fights from Firth in the Church and the Pub.

5 The Raid: Redemption (2011)

The raid

The raid has really come to define modern action movies and what can be done in the martial arts genre. Created and directed by Gareth Evans, The raid managed to garner much critical acclaim for its well-choreographed and action-packed scenes.

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But there may be a specific reason for this. Evans has spoken many times about his love for classic martial arts movies and admitted that he loved to see almost anything with Jackie Chan in it. The choreography and fighting style in the film therefore owes a lot of credit to Chan’s own filmography, especially in terms of its pacing.

4 Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey (2020)

Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey

Cathy Yan absolutely enjoyed behind the camera when it came to putting together action sequences. Birds of prey features a variety of high-impact action rhythms, each one of which is incredibly choreographed and expertly timed.

Ironically, not only part of the action was inspired by The raid (a Chan inspired the movie in his own right) but Yan also ranks Jackie Chan as one of his heroes.. In fact, he notes that the film was strongly tied to his work, especially the action sequence at Gotham Police Headquarters.

3 Atomic Blonde (2017)

Speaking of amazing women, it’s hard to deny the action heavy lifting of Atomic blonde. With rhythms so close and courageous everywhere, it is not so unusual to look for similar projects from which to draw movement. In particular, the use of objects in combat.

Chan is known for using random objects as part of his fight scenes and director David Leitch noted how every time they came across a moment like this in the movie, They approached her like she was a page from a Jackie Chan script.

2 Black Panther (2018)

Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther

There are many intense action sequences and close combat within Black Panther, although none of that feels like something you would find in a Jackie Chan movie. However, the influence here is much deeper. The film’s fight coordinator was Jonathan Eusebio.

Interestingly, Eusebio also held the same role for DC Birds of prey. The talented coordinator He has mentioned how much Jackie Chan has had an impact on his own work in many interviews. When it comes to how Chan tells a story through movement, the influence of his work can be seen a lot in the King of Wakanda’s combat, especially when he fights for the throne.

one Extraction (2020)

It’s actually easy to see the melee sequences in Extraction, but director Sam Hargrave is incredibly inspired by the work of Jackie Chan. In fact, has gone on record saying that he actually based his career on the.

Chan was first a stuntman, before becoming an actor and then a director. Ditto for Hargrave, best known for his work on Marvel movies, before joining Chris Hemsworth and Anthony and Joe Russo for this smash Netflix blockbuster.

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