The ever popular Naruto The franchise has thrilled fans of shonen action since 1999, and when the anime was released, the story revolved around 12-year-old Naruto Uzumaki and his quest to gain recognition and become a great leader. Naruto’s early adventures are full of thrills, chills, and more than a little drama.

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Later, Naruto shippuden took over, with older characters and new villains and stakes. By now, the Akatsuki organization is improving their game in a big way, and then Obito Uchiha and Madara Uchiha step out of the shadows. Still, despite all his climactic battles, Shippuden does not always match the heights in part 1. When was it ten times when the original Naruto equaled or even exceeded Shippudenhistory?

10 When Naruto and Sasuke’s friendly rivalry was born

Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha had been butting heads since their academy days, but early in part 1 of the story, their rivalry got healthier, and they both enjoyed their contests to see who could beat the other.

The golden age of this rivalry was short lived, but it was very gratifying to watch, and Sasuke was having the time of his life. He was glad Naruto was a worthy challenger after all, and God knows Sasuke just wanted to compete with the best of the best.

9 When the Chunin written exam started

Naruto And Hinata Chunin Examine Naruto

The Chunin exam arc was full of twists and turns, and it all started with … a written test. But there’s a catch: While the questions were too advanced for genin to handle, several planted examiners had all the answers up their sleeves.

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the real The test was trying to gather information without getting too caught up in it. For Sasuke, the clue was the fact that being caught cheating once resulted in losing two points, not immediate failure. That struck him as strange, and he was right to think that way.

8 When Sasuke revealed the power of the Curse Mark

Naruto Chunin Exams

During the Forest of Death stage of the Chunin exams, Naruto’s squad met another major villain: the scheming Orochimaru, who had disguised himself as a Grass Village ninja. Orochimaru placed a curse mark on Sasuke, and before long, Sasuke had a chance to prove it.

The three sound genin were tormenting Naruto’s allies until Sasuke awakened this power, and it was terrifying to see Sasuke tear his enemies apart with this dark power. Sakura Haruno, distraught by this display, held Sasuke from behind to stop him, and it worked.

7 When Rock Lee took on raw talent

“Talent vs hard work” was a big theme in the first few Naruto, and the notorious “match 9” of Gaara of the Sand vs. Rock Lee really stands out in the minds of fans. This emotionally charged battle saw Rock Lee challenging a jinchuriki with nothing but taijutsu and guts.

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Rock Lee has gone incredibly far with his unique style, but in the end, he failed, and Might Guy was moved to tears by Rock Lee’s stubborn persistence and belief in himself. Few, if any, scenes in Shippuden could match this emotional impact.

6 When Naruto spoke to Gaara

Naruto’s “speaking jutsu” hits again, and he finally found someone he can connect with on a deep level. As of part 1, Gaara was little more than the Sand Village’s feared and hated secret weapon, and Gaara was enraged at jinchuriki during Orochimaru’s operation to destroy the Leaf Village.

Naruto was intimately familiar with the isolation and pain of being a Jinchuriki, and after he fought Gaara to a stop, he talked about things and Gaara finally understood that he was not so alone after all. After this emotional scene, Gaara’s redemption was ready to begin.

5 When Sasuke faced Itachi before he was ready

This scene inspired countless “suffocating Sasuke” memes, but in all seriousness, this sequence was a heavy hit and showed just how terrifying the Uchiha can be. Itachi Uchiha was back, and easily defeated Sasuke when the two brothers came face to face.

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This tense and ruthless scene reaffirmed the “I must get stronger!” From Sasuke. mission, and it showed how ruthless and terrifying the Akatsuki members are. Naruto also realized how much was at stake, thanks to the appearance of Itachi and Kisame.

4 When the Sannin fought

The three legendary Sannin are Lady Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya the wise toad, and in part 1 of Naruto, the three of them met on the battlefield. Jiraiya attempted to recruit Tsunade as the fifth Hokage, and Orochimaru was also at the scene, urging Tsunade to heal his arms.

In the end, the three Sannin came to blows, and the spectacular battle was graceful and intense from start to finish. No other ninjas could summon snakes, slugs, and toads like this and make it look so cool.

3 When Kimimaro challenged all the attendees

Kimimaro in Naruto

One of the most memorable users of a kekkei genkai (lineage trait) is the sound ninja Kimimaro. He may have been afflicted with a terrible disease, but he persisted by sheer force of will, and he would fight for Orochimaru until his last breath.

Kimimaro’s stern attitude, terrifying bone-based jutsu, raw power, and curse mark made him an opponent like no other. He took on Naruto, Rock Lee, and even Gaara, in that order, before finally succumbing not to his enemies, but to his illness. His bone drill came is close to skewering Gaara’s head.

two When Naruto and Sasuke fought at the waterfall in the valley

Naruto and Sasuke's original fight

This particular duel will be repeated in later sequences of Shippuden, including the last fight in the series, but the first battle was arguably the most shocking and emotional of all. Naruto finally caught up with the fugitive Sasuke, and the former friend had no choice but to fight.

Both Naruto and Sasuke demonstrated new heights in their respective powers, with Sasuke’s ultimate curse mark mode, Sharingan, and full-blown Chidori powerfully colliding with Naruto’s demon fox chakra, Rasengan technique, and the sheer power of friendship. . However, in the end, Naruto failed and Sasuke finished with Orochimaru, preparing many events to come. Shippuden.

1 When Naruto influenced Zabuza Momochi

That’s true Shippuden It scales everything in terms of devastating jutsu, the number of characters, and the stakes, but scale doesn’t always match quality. Despite being “smaller” in most respects, part 1 of Naruto it was much more shocking, pound for pound. For example, the redemption of Zabuza Momochi.

Zabuza was a brutal renegade ninja for hire, but he really cared for his partner Haku, and once Naruto used his “speaking jutsu” for the first time, Zabuza was convinced to turn against the scheming Gato and make things right. It sure was a heartfelt scene.

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