The star member of the X Men, Glutton, almost always wins. However, almost all Wonderful The character and fan of the complicated team of mutant heroes knows that this little pile has many flaws that come with their excellent abilities.

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Wolverine is nowhere near the most stable hero out there, always defying orders because he has always had trouble keeping his head on and controlling his emotions. This stubbornness is something that saves him sometimes, but many times — perhaps most of the time — it has gotten him into trouble.

10 A relationship with the squirrel girl?

One thing that has become incredibly apparent with Wolverine and his history with women is that he won’t let anything get in his way if he has one in his lustful sights. From flirting with women who are already taken as Jean Gray, to having relationships with enemies of the X-Men, it’s clear that Logan has a way with women.

This has apparently led him into a questionable relationship with Squirrel Girl. This time the hurdle wasn’t physical, but basically the age difference between the two, with Logan being a borderline fossil and Squirrel Girl being a young college student. This potential relationship was shown when the X-Men traveled to Wolverine’s mind and saw Squirrel Girl in his fantasies, which could lead to a past relationship where he didn’t have the self-control not to get involved.

9 His infatuation with Jean Gray

wolverine jean gray

Many X-Men fans are big porters of Wolverine and the powerful mutant Jean Gray. In fact, recent comics have played a lot on this relationship, even hinting at a polyamorous relationship between the two and Cyclops as well. However, in the past, things were very different.

Wolverine was on the edge of his obsession with Jean Gray originally, while Jean didn’t even give him the time of day. Of course, Wolverine’s stubborn nature and Jean’s infatuation led him to hot water many times. From simply not giving Jean his space to annoying Cyclops by flirting with his girlfriend, this was not a good look for old Wolvy.

8 Causing friction with Cyclops

Wolverine vs Cyclops

Speaking of Cyclops and Wolverine’s relationship, in the past it really seemed like these two would never be able to find common ground. Wolverine and Cyclops are polar opposites, leading to some of the most difficult moments in the mutant team’s history.

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While at times the friction came more from Scott’s ending, Logan isn’t blameless either. Many times Cyclops tried to simply lead the team to the best of his ability and Wolverine’s stubborn nature only made things go from bad to worse.

7 His battles with the Hulk

Hulk vs Wolverine

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? This question can easily be applied whenever the Incredible Hulk meets Wolverine in battle. Like other battles Logan is in, he is often the fire starter, leading to karma biting him on the butt and breaking all his bones.

Of course, his stubbornness can come in handy at times, as seen in the “Old Man Logan” timeline when he stopped an evil, power-mad Hulk by simply being too angry and stubborn to die.

6 His lone wolf moments

It’s almost impossible to choose just once Wolverine’s stubbornness led him to completely leave the X-Men and walk off alone to handle some kind of personal matter.

This hero joined the X-Men, left the X-Men, joined the Avengers, left the Avengers, and so on. Meanwhile, every time he does this, he completely abandons a team that depends on him and leaves them worried about where he is and if he is okay.

5 His revival

Wolverine’s stubbornness is apparently a cause for concern in the afterlife as well. As many know, Wolverine met his end recently at Marvel Comics, and it certainly wasn’t the first time. But in classic comic book style, it came back right away, of course.

Rather than finally sleep soundly after hundreds of years of pain and struggle, Wolverine decided to return to the land of the living and get back to the task of showing everyone that he is still the best at what he has always done.

4 His many fights with his rival

saber tooth vs wolverine

Like his lone wolf moments, not a single fight between Logan and his eternal rival Sabertooth can be pinpointed as it is just an indefinitely ongoing thing.

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Fights between these two never lead to a good situation, no matter what. The stubborn nature that comes from these two animalistic fighters constantly leaves them on the brink of death, and it’s all basically for the sole reason of a complicated story that they refuse to let go and leave behind.

3 Trying to reconcile with his son

wolverine vs daken

Wolverine’s stubbornness doesn’t always show itself during bad situations, but it sometimes shows up and causes trouble when he’s just trying to do the right thing.

This was seen when he tried to finally reconcile with his son, Daken. Even after trying this several times, Daken still hated his father and kept trying to kill him despite it.

2 Doesn’t take it easy after losing his healing powers and adamantium

wolverine bone claws

After losing his adamantium and his healing factor as a result of the pain, Wolverine moved on as if he still had both.

Despite being much more vulnerable, Logan went ahead and fought off enemies like Lady Deathstrike, Bloodscream, and Cyber ​​- enemies that he was mostly only able to handle previously as a result of his stamina and healing ability. It would be as if Lex Luthor still thinks he could have a boxing match with Superman even without the help of Kryptonite.

one The reform of the X-Force

The X-Force is a team of X-Men that goes on missions too dark for the main team to venture. One of these missions resulted in the death of Nightcrawler and Cyclops ended the team.

However, Wolverine rebuilt the team with new and old members in secret, naturally causing a mess of problems that only served to show why Cyclops was right to abolish the team to begin with.

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