Big Bang Theory He won the hearts of millions throughout his 12-year career, from the wacky characters to the unique and charming relationships, the constant takeaways, and much more. The show was a revelation. One of its main characteristics is that it focuses on four scientists who work at Caltech.

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Such skilled professionals in their field should be making a lot of money, but there are characters like Penny who end up making similar money later in the series. The characters have jobs ranging from a pharmaceutical sales representative, a microbiologist, to the owner of a comic book store. But who was paid more?

Updated June 3, 2021 by Lynn Gibbs: After finishing in 2019, two years have passed since Big Bang Theory left fan screens. Sheldon’s idiosyncrasies and the history of Leonard and Penny’s long relationship are greatly missed. Fortunately, if fans aren’t watching the spinoff, Young sheldon, can you look again TBBT over and over on streaming services. The more fans rewatch the series, the more questions they have surrounding the group’s daily life. Money is a great talking point for TBBTMainly because Penny lived on a waitress’s salary and could still live alone in a spacious Pasadena apartment. This raises the question of how much the characters actually made based on real-life resources.

10 Penny: Cheesecake Factory Waitress ($ 28,000 +)

Penny (Kaley Cuoco) moved into the apartment with Sheldon and Leonard after fighting with her ex-boyfriend, but before that, she moved to California to fulfill her dreams of becoming an actress. Unfortunately, as many people know, such a dream can take years to come true, so in the meantime, she decided to take a job as a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory.

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However, working at that job for seven years probably didn’t bring you the amount of money you would have hoped for. Indeed points out that the average annual salary for servers is around $ 28,000. In fact, given the nice suburban Los Angeles apartment she lived in, it was unlikely that Penny would have long left after paying the bills.

9 Stuart: Comic Book Store Owner ($ 35,000 +)

When the show featured Stuart Bloom (Kevin Sussman), he was a slightly geeky but charming and caring man who owned his own comic book store, but after his two dates with Penny, his luck seemed to go with her. During the rest of the show, he was always alone and repeatedly fighting for money. He somehow managed to keep the comic book store open for many years, even after it had caught fire, but that often left him with no extra money.

At one point he moved in with Howard’s mother and took care of her, but it’s hard to imagine that he, too, would earn much from that side job. According to Simply hired, the average salary for a comic book store owner is around $ 62,000 a year. But knowing that Stuart lived and ate at the store, it seems like he wasn’t making that kind of money until later seasons.

8 Emily: Dermatology Resident ($ 48,000 +)

While she’s not a main character, Emily (Laura Spencer) still had a pretty big role to play on the show, especially in some of the later seasons when she was Raj’s longtime girlfriend. From what fans know of Emily, after graduating from Harvard, she became a dermatology resident at Huntington Hospital. Unfortunately, fans don’t really see much of what he does there or his role in the hospital.

Since her education was of the highest level, it is fair to assume that she is a high-level dermatologist. Comparably notes that the average salary for a dermatology resident is around $ 48,000, but those in the Los Angeles area can earn more than $ 60,000.

7 Amy: neurobiologist ($ 80,000 +)

Amy In Her Lab - The Big Bang Theory

After joining the main cast in season 3, Amy Farrah Fowler became an integral part of the show. Played by real-life scientist Mayim Bialik, Amy is Sheldon’s love interest and is also a great friend to the rest of the gang, particularly Penny and Bernadette. Unlike the boys, Amy’s scientific background is in the field of biology.

Also from Harvard, Amy is a neurobiologist, but the show never explicitly reveals who she works for. She is regularly seen in her own lab, conducting experiments focused on animal addiction, such as a cigarette-addicted cappuccino or a cocaine-addicted starfish, but it is unclear whether she works for another university or an independent company. Zip recruiter notes that neurobiologists in the Los Angeles area earn about $ 80,000 a year.

6 Leonard: Experimental Physicist ($ 100,000 +)

Leonard gives an interview on national public radio

Coming from a family full of scientists, it was only natural for Leonard Hoftstadter (Johnny Galecki) to venture into the field as well, but unlike his mother, a neuroscientist and psychologist, he opted to study the universe with his Ph.D. in experimental physics. After receiving his Ph.D. At Princeton University at the young age of 24, Leonard became a research scientist at Caltech.

His work often involves high-powered lasers, and he studies various topics ranging from Bose-Einstein condensates to dark matter and cosmic radiation, which has led him to publish world-renowned articles with Sheldon and also working with the military on classified rocket fuel. Due to your education and position, you could be earning close to $ 100,000 a year.

5 Raj: Astrophysicist ($ 100,000 +)

The Big Bang Theory Sarah Michelle Gellar and Raj sitting at the awards, finale

Over the years, Rajesh Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) discovered many advancements in his field of astrophysics. He discovered a planet, found a comet with the help of Penny, and of course was included in People from the magazine “30 (Visionaries) Under 30 (Years of Age) to Watch”, becoming a celebrity in his field.

Later in the show, Raj was even seen taking a second job he loved, working at the planetarium as a speaker. Given that you work at such a renowned university and made some pretty incredible discoveries, Pay scale points out that you could be making close to $ 100,000.

4 Howard: Aerospace Engineer ($ 110,000 +)

As an aerospace engineer, Howard Wolowitz would have been making a lot of money by now, especially at a university like Caltech, but after his expeditions to the International Space Station, he almost definitely received a sizable raise in salary. Aerospace engineers design and build various airplanes, satellites, spacecraft, and even missiles, but Howard’s work didn’t stop there.

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Howard was also given responsibilities like driving the Mars Rover and, most importantly, going into space in season 6. While most aerospace engineers at such high-level universities earn around $ 100,000Given Howard’s accomplishments, he probably earned much more than that amount.

3 Penny: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative ($ 110,000 +)

After finally leaving her acting career, Penny used her natural charm and charisma and entered the world of sales. Thanks to a kind reference from Bernadette, Penny was able to get started as a Zangen Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. With his great commissions and incredible perks like bonuses and vacations, he was already earning more than Leonard in his first year.

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But it was even better for Penny, as she was promoted to sales manager for the drug Bernadette was developing. Given the size of the company and the commission Penny could have earned, she’s making more than $ 110,000 a year, according to Institute of Economic Research.

two Bernadette: Microbiologist ($ 125,000 +)

Another late addition to the gang, but also an excellent one, is Bernadette. Fans met her when she was a PhD student. in microbiology while working at The Cheesecake Factory alongside Penny. After her hard work, Bernadette received her Ph.D., leaving her husband Howard the only academic without one, and landed a high-level job at a pharmaceutical company called Zangen. And since she said she makes “a ton of money,” all fans have the same question: how much does Bernadette make?

The show never specifically mentions what your role is or how much you earn, but it is clear that you have an extremely important role in a large company. The average salary in Los Angeles for microbiologists is around $ 66,000, but due to the Ph.D. by Bernadette. and role in Zangen, you will most likely earn more than $ 120,000.

1 Sheldon: Theoretical Physicist ($ 150,000 +)

With an incredible 187 IQ, Sheldon is by far the smartest character on the show, and his work certainly warrants that. As a senior researcher and junior professor at Caltech, Sheldon was at the forefront of theoretical physics research and has written some vital articles over the years. More importantly, during the last season, when, after teaming up with his wife Amy, he published an article on super asymmetry, earning them both a Nobel Prize.

As a junior teacher, Glass door He claims that Sheldon is earning six figures, which is already quite a substantial amount, but after his recent Nobel Prize, that number is very likely to rise. In fact, Nobel Prize winners also receive only less than a million bucks to win, so Sheldon definitely has some spare coins for the comic book store.

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