‘Ma’ director Tate Taylor reveals the idea for a sequel, and I’d like to now, please

If Mom catches me slipping, it’s my responsibility.


[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Ma.]

Mom it’s so good, guys. You have to look at it. It’s an absurd, moody, and genuinely terrifying horror movie starring Octavia spencer as a grown woman so deformed by trauma and loneliness that she begins to befriend and take in local high school students in a sociological attempt at revenge. He’s out of this world, inspired a ton of wonderful memes, and I think Spencer deserved an Oscar for his work.

So when your director, Tate taylor, start talking about your ideas for Mom sequel, I pay attention, even if it feels a bit illogical, given that the first Mom ended with her burning like hell in a fire in her own home. Apparently, according to an interview with Weekly entertainmentTaylor’s designs for this ending were not as definitive as I thought, saying he “deliberately left his death ambiguous!” and who knows that “Octavia would make” a sequel if the right idea came up.

And when he launched his idea, it took me around 0.001 seconds to immediately recognize it as a brilliant idea:

“My idea is that she has moved to another city, has open houses in another city and kills people on open house. I think she would be a real estate agent in the Pacific Northwest and she would just murder white people who They look at McMansions. That’s all I’ve come up with! ”


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I can’t begin to tell you how much I need to see a Ma 2 where momma murders rich white assholes in Seattle mansions. It would bring to my heart such a feeling of fullness. It’s such an inspired and intuitive augmentation for a movie that it has already run to the line of “inconceivable.” And Spencer, who has only spoken highly of playing Ma (“There are archetypes that people just want to see me. So I had to change that myself [and] the next young woman of color who can play all kinds of roles, “she told EW), would annihilate that premise.

Hollywood, if you’re listening and you want to take advantage of “this afterlife as a cult thing,” as Taylor puts it, you have to give Spencer and him the green light. Ma 2 immediately. I will advertise for free for you. And memes just write themselves.

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