I’m just saying that the ‘Back to the Future’ theory makes a bit of sense.


Do you remember the theme parks? I mean, vaguely, right? Well the most recent episode of Saturday night live used the host’s incredible comedic talent for the first time And Levy to provide a sweet boost of nostalgia for something as prosaic as the Universal Studios trolley tour.

Taking place in a post-pandemic world (based on the initial lines), the outline below presents Mikey day As an experienced Universal Studios trolley operator guide, guiding a golf cart of tourists around the Universal parking lot to see “movie magic” done. However, by the laws of sketch comedy, things are complicated by the fact that Day has a new apprentice whose enthusiasm for the job is only matched by his love for saying the worst possible.

The “Thoby” stories get dumber and more personal as the sketch progresses, but he takes the time to share a very popular (and disturbing) topic. Return to the future fan theory and share important information about Wayne knight in Jurassic Park.

By the way, if we’re going to get fussy, while the NBC social team refers to this as the Universal Studios Orlando trolley tour, according to Chris Hayner, eagle-eyed Universal Studios expert, there is no real trolley tour in Orlando, only Hollywood. (In fairness, the trolley seats are appropriately labeled as in Hollywood.)

Criticism aside, this was easily one of the funniest sketches of the night, showcasing Levy’s flair for comedy and (for anyone who enjoyed the Universal Studios trolley tour before) bringing back fond memories of better times. Check out the sketch below: Saturday night live We will be back on February 13th with Regina King.


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