HBO’s ‘Beartown’ trailer offers a gripping look at teenage sexual assault

This Swedish hockey-loving community needs to talk about Kevin, their struggling star player.


The best thing I’ve seen on TV lately (not counting the Sundance movies, of course) is the Danish HBO series The investigation, and now the network has released a trailer for its latest series of foreign crimes. Beartown.


This five-episode Swedish drama centers on a struggling community in Sweden that places its dreams of revitalization on the teenage shoulders of its junior ice hockey team. Driven by his new coach Peter (Ulf Stenberg) and rising star Kevin (Oliver Dufåker), the boys finally have a chance to secure a national title, until a violent act threatens to destroy Beartown entirely.

According to HBO, the chilling and honest series explores family trauma, teenage romance, truths and lies, actions and consequences, and ultimately the courage it takes to go against the group and stand up for justice. That’s a ton of compelling themes, and I think this trailer looks great, so I hope HBO’s latest international effort lives up to the challenge. The investigation. It already looks like it has a bit more action, that’s for sure.


Image via HBO

Beartown is based on the best-selling author’s novel Fredrik Backman (A man named Ove) and the co-stars of the series Aliette opheim, Tobias Zilliacus Y Miriam Ingrid, as much as Otto Fahlgren, Alfons Nordberg, Erik lundqvist, Rasmus Karlsson, Najdat Rustom, Jacob Nordenson, Charlotta jonsson, Sanna niemi, Lukas wetterberg, Frida sandberg, Mikael Odhag, Anna Azcárate, Tomas Bergström, Einar Bredefeldt Y Gustav Lindh.

The first three episodes were written by Weidemann is different, Antonia pyk Y Linn gottfridsson, while Pyk and Gottfridsson wrote episodes 4 and 5, and all five episodes were directed by Peter Grönlund (Goliath). Beartown is a Filmlance production for HBO Europe, whose Hanne palmquist, Steve Matthews Y Root of Antonio executive producer alongside Backman, while Filmlance Bonnie Skoog Feeney Y Mattias Arehn served as producers.

The series will debut on HBO and HBO Max on February 22 at 9 p.m. and the finale will air exactly one month later, on March 22. It is the latest international series to be available to US HBO subscribers through HBO Max, joining Gomorrah, Valley of tears Y 30 coins, all of which are featured on the broadcaster’s new international genre page along with a curated selection of programming from around the world. And hey, speaking of Gomorrah, watch Collider’s interview with his star Salvatore esposito, who also played Gaetano Fadda in season 4 of Fargo.

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