Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine had a mini Pitch perfect meeting in this year Super bowl. The comedians were in Tampa, Florida, to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Kansas City Chiefs, where the Buccaneers, led by Tom Brady, won the game. While the game wasn’t as exciting as many had hoped, it appears Devine and Wilson had a great time, as evidenced by the images Wilson shared on social media with his followers.

Rebel Wilson captioned the photo of her and Adam DeVine with “My Favorite Job Husband” which is a reference to the 2019 movie Isn’t it romantic? that they both starred in. Fans of the comedians loved seeing them together, they even saw their fellow comedians Pitch perfect Stars Skylar Astin and Alexis Knapp intervene. Perfect shade 3 It came out in 2017, but Devine was not involved, along with other male stars from the first two installments, which was a conscious decision by director Trish Sie.

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As for a possible Perfect tone 4, has been rumored, but there has been no official confirmation that it is actually happening. Hailee Steinfeld would love to do a fourth installment. “If there is a fourth, it would be news to me and very exciting news,” he said in an interview. For now, everyone is doing their own thing, including Rebel Wilson, who spent 2020 on her personal weight loss journey. While she was known in the Pitch perfect In movies like “Fat Amy”, many comments about her new look with Adam Devine have referred to her as “Fit Amy”.

Over the course of 2020, Rebel Wilson lost more than 60 pounds and is still in shape for 2021, as we saw in the Super bowl. In a recent interview, the actress noted that people have treated her differently since she lost weight. “Sometimes, being older, people don’t necessarily look at you twice,” he continued. “Now that I’m in good shape, people offer to take my groceries to the car and keep the doors open for you.” Then he asked, “Is this what other people experience all the time?”

As for startups, Rebel Wilson brings their Australian dog grooming competition series, Perfect dog, to the United States. Each episode will feature 10 of the country’s dog groomers and their assistants competing in various challenges to see who is the best groomer in the country. Wilson is excited to bring the series to a new audience, and it will premiere sometime this year on ABC. Adam Devine is currently preparing to start work on The fair gemstones season 2 for HBO. There is currently no set release date for Season 2, but an announcement should arrive shortly. Meanwhile, you can check the Pitch perfect meeting up, thanks to Rebel Wilson’s Official Instagram account.

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