‘Ted Lasso’ season 2 episode number is more than we thought

The ‘Ted Lasso’ star spoke about the order of the season 2 episodes in a recent interview with Collider.


Snuggle, Ted lasso fans, because we have a very fun season 2 update for you. So recently, Collider’s own Steve Weintraub sat down with Juno Temple to talk about his new Apple TV movie + Palmero. But Temple is also one of the cast members of Ted lasso And, considering that here at Collider we love this Jason sudeikis comedy, we had to ask him about the show in general, as well as about season 2. While Temple had a lot to say about Ted lasso, it was his comments on the number of episodes in season 2 that really caught our attention.


Production on the second season is already underway, which means Temple, Sudeikis and their Ted lasso The co-stars have worked hard to film the ongoing adventures of coach Ted Lasso and the AFC Richmond team. We were curious how long the filming of Season 2 would take and if, given that the filming takes place in the UK, it had been affected by COVID-19. So when asked if COVID had a potential impact on filming to the extent that filming spanned from, say, four to six months, for example, Temple told us, “Well, we’ve been happily picked up for a few extra episodes this season … So it’s a longer shoot because it actually shoots more. ”


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Temple didn’t elaborate, but what he said tells us a lot. The key conclusion is that Ted lassoThe order of the Season 2 episodes is higher than we originally thought, and than was originally reported. In August 2020, Deadline was reported Ted lasso Season 2 was renewed and received an order for 10 episodes. So when Collider went to confirm Temple’s comments about ordering episodes from Apple, Apple told us Ted lasso Season 2 will actually be 12 episodes long. Apple was also able to tell Collider that this 12-episode order was made because the story of the season required it.

It is not clear if Ted lasso Season 3 will have an equally large episode order when it finally goes into production. Similarly, it is unclear, but arguably even more interesting, what story season 2 will tell that warrants 12 episodes. Either way, we are definitely no whining. Our (unofficial) motto around here is this: The more Ted lasso, the best.

Ted lasso Season 2 is currently in production. Ted lasso Season 1 is now available to stream on Apple TV +. Stay tuned for our full interview with Juno Temple. For more information, find out why Ted lasso Star Jason Sudeikis wanted to do a TV show about a good boy.

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