Is Valheim the new Dogecoin? (I am not a financial advisor.)


It has been a very good week for dogecoin Valheim. the Early Access PC Game from Iron Gate Studio and Coffee Stain Publishing is lighting up the Steam graphics and rising up the list of Twitch’s most popular streaming titles. He is currently sitting in # 1 on Steam’s Bestseller List prior to Nioh 2: The Complete Edition, Becastledand pre-orders of Total War: Warhammer III.


Described as “a brutal game of exploration and survival for 1 to 10 players, set in a procedurally generated purgatory inspired by Viking culture,” in which “Fight, build and conquer your way to a saga worthy of the sponsorship of! Odin! “, Valheim It has nearly 10,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews and will only cost you around $ 20 at the time of writing. Players looking for something new in the line of Oxide Y Ark: Survival Evolved you may want to check it out if you haven’t already.

This is how the creators of Iron Gate describe Valheim:

The Valkyries have transported your soul to the 10th Norse world as a custodian, where you must venture to the ends of the realm, from the deepest forest to the highest mountain peak, slaying beasts from myths and legends feared by Odin himself. You’ll craft mighty weapons, build unforgiving castles, and sail long ships to the horizon to prove your worth to the All-Father, and you will certainly die trying!

Highlights of Valheim It includes a procedurally generated world that lets you travel from forests to mountain ranges and everything in between to fight and hunt creatures, and many vessels to open up exploration off the ground. Valheim It also features a complete and adaptable base / frame building system that allows you to build not just a home but a community, along with enough item creation options to keep you pretty busy. And yes, there is co-op PvE available for up to 10 players, in addition to the options for running on dedicated servers.

Do you want to see it better? Check out the teaser for the release date announcement and more below!

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