A new ‘The Wizard of Oz’ movie is in the works with ‘Watchmen’ director Nicole Kassell

Follow the yellow brick road … towards a new adaptation of the ‘Wizard of Oz’.


New Line Cinema has secured Watchmenit is Nicole kassell to direct a new adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. After its launch in 1900, L. Frank BaumThe beloved children’s novel has served as the basis for numerous films (both live-action and animated), television shows, and stage productions. When it comes to English language adaptations, several years have passed since Sam raimiunfortunate prequel of 2013 Oz the great and powerful debuted, which may have chilled audiences on the fantasy property after its release. However, to this day, the 1939 MGM adaptation starring Judy Garland is still the gold standard for Wizard of Oz adaptations and probably the one looming over Kassell and New Line as they go through this project.

Deadline exclusively broke the new Kassell would be directing a new adaptation of Baum’s story for New Line. Previous script drafts were written by Darren lemke (Gemini man) as well as screenwriting duo Neil widener Y Gavin james (who are also ready to work on the script of San Andreas 2). Deadline reports that Kassell earned New Line’s seal of approval primarily through his work at HBO. Watchmen limited series, where he was a major creative force and was integral in shaping the appearance of the series. Of course, Kassell is a seasoned director whose most recent credit turns out to be one of the most popular TV shows of 2020. Previously, Kassell directed the 2004 film The Lumberjack as well as episodes of TV shows that we love, including Westworld, Vinyl, the murder, The remainsY Better call Saul.


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Kassell released a statement (also via Deadline) expressing his excitement for his new concert:

“I am incredibly honored to join Temple Hill and New Line in bringing this beloved classic to the screen. While the 1939 musical is part of my DNA, I am exhilarated and honored by the responsibility of reimagining such a legendary tale. The opportunity to examine original themes, the search for courage, love, wisdom and home, feels more timely and urgent than ever. These are deeply iconic shoes to fill, and I can’t wait to dance alongside these heroes from my childhood as we prepare. a freshly minted yellow brick road! ”

It is important to note that reports indicate that Kassell will direct a “reinvention” of The Wizard of Oz. The term “re-imagine” implies that Kassell’s version will not attempt to remake the MGM adaptation; rather, it will draw directly on Baum’s book. (So ​​luckily, it seems like we can save a Return to oz repeat.) Variety notes in their report that New Line promises this will be a new take that could be drawn from the Garland movie, but nothing seems to be set in stone at this point. In fact, because Kassell’s Wizard of Oz The film is cut in a studio whose parent company (Warner Bros.) owns the rights to the 1939 film, there is plenty of room for Kassell’s version to interweave with that film, a luxury other adaptations don’t have.

We’ll keep you posted as Kassell’s adaptation of The Wizard of Oz it develops. For more information, check out our updated 2021 movie release schedule.

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