Collider’s Podcast, Ep. 301 – ‘Mike Nichols: A Life’ (Special Guest: Author Mark Harris)

Matt and Adam chat with author Mark Harris about his new book on the life and work of director Mike Nichols.

This week on The Collider Podcast, we are honored to have an author and film historian join us. Mark Harris to discuss your new book, Mike Nichols: One Life. Mike nichols was a legendary theater and film director who had received widespread praise in the mid-1930s, first for his comedy routines with Elaine may and then for directing the Tony award winner Neil Simon theater plays Barefoot in the park Y The odd couple before moving on to Hollywood to direct Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Y The graduate. However, his life and career were tumultuous, and with a thoughtful and humanistic approach, Harris examines Nichols’ gifts as a director, as well as his personal insecurities, passions, and transformation.

Our conversation with Harris falls into roughly three sections. We start by discussing the book writing process, how it differs from your first two books. Images of a revolution Y Five came back, how what he knew about his personal relationship with Nichols changed during the course of his research, the challenges of revisiting The graduate without repeating itself, and more.

The second section of the podcast is about what made Nichols such a unique director, why his work is underrated because we don’t understand what directing actors means, how he brought a more direct view of sexuality to Hollywood with movies like The graduate Y Carnal knowledge, how his approach to movies changed throughout his career, and more.

Finally, we discuss in detail some of Nichols’s films that failed at the time but can now be seen as some of his best work, including Acidity Y 22 captures.

Also, since Harris is an Oscar scholar, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to close this episode by talking about this unique year and how it may affect voting at the Academy Awards.

Check out the new episode below and be sure to subscribe. If you want to tell us about The Collider Podcast, reach out to Twitter at @MattGoldberg Y @Adam Chitwood.

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