David Yates remains committed to directing all 5 ‘Fantastic Beasts’ films, according to Katherine Waterston

Waterston was also involved in adding Mads Mikkelsen to the cast.

With Katherine Waterstonit is the last, The world to come, which will be released digitally on March 2, took the time to join us on an episode of Connected collider. Much of the conversation centered on that 19th century romance in which Waterston stars alongside Vanessa kirbyBut the Collider Connected series also takes the time to look back at a guest’s filmography and retrace their steps to their most recent project. And, of course, for Waterston, that includes his work on the Fantastic beasts and where to find them movie franchise.

Waterston already had a lot of experience and praise when he first joined the series courtesy of projects like Paul Thomas Andersonit is Inherent vice Y Danny boyleit is Steve JobsBut jumping into one of the biggest movie franchises out there is a ball game. Here’s what Waterston had to say about some of the surprises that came with Tina’s role scoring:

“I really didn’t know what I was getting into to be honest. I didn’t realize how different a franchise is from a movie, you know? The commitment, the length of the shoot, the length of the press tours, how much of your year he asks of you. And I think the things that help me get through it and really support me in it are on set when you try to tell the story, it feels the same, thank God. Because if that weren’t the case, I think I would feel completely out of place in that kind of environment because it’s a very large machine. But ultimately, fortunately, the work remains the same, that is, can you connect with this person in this quiet moment? ”.

Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2

Image via Warner Bros.

Shortly before the first film hit theaters on November 18, 2016, it emerged that the series would include a total of five films. While director David yates has expressed interest in directing all five films in the past, a lot has happened over the years, including several delays in filming for Fantastic beasts 3. So, one might wonder, does Yates still plan to be in command of all five deliveries? According to Waterston, that appears to be the case:


“I think it is meant to direct them all. I think it’s very interesting. She has worked very closely with JK Rowling for a long time and very few people have access to it because it is quite isolated and frankly I can’t imagine how it could work otherwise. ”

In addition to production delays, Fantastic beasts 3 it also underwent a significant restructuring. In November it was revealed that Mads mikkelsen was replacing Johnny depp like Gellert Grindelwald. Here’s what Waterston had to say about Mikkelsen:

“You know, I dated Mads in Venice. We were there at the same time this summer and had never seen him before and had a great time with him. It is totally charming. But that was before they cast him, I think it’s correct, I think it was right before they cast him and we don’t have anything together in the movie so I don’t know what it’s like to work with him unfortunately, but maybe one day he will. will “.

Katherine Waterston on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Image via Warner Bros.

That’s all we got from Waterston in the Fantastic Animals franchise, but our Collider Connected conversation goes much deeper into Waterston’s journey in Hollywood, including the value of his experience on stage, auditioning for his father Sam waterstoniconic show Law, why work in The world to come It was such a special experience and so much more! Keep an eye out for that whole conversation closer to when The world to come is available digitally on March 2.

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