International ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Trailer Reveals New Story Details About Disney + Movie

A nation divided by an evil force? Sounds topical!


We’re just weeks away from the launch of Disney’s latest animated feature Raya and the last dragonand frankly I’ve been on board since the first teaser. But in case you’re still undecided, House of Mouse has released a new international trailer that reveals some of the more detailed information about the movie’s plot that we’ve seen so far.

The film follows Raya (Kelly marie tran), a young warrior on a quest to find the mythical last dragon. As the new trailer reveals, Raya’s homeland Kumandra was attacked by an evil force centuries ago, leaving her people divided into five regions at war. Now the evil has returned and Raya must find the dragon to unite his people once more and defeat him forever. Despite offering a more or less complete breakdown of the plot, this trailer is surprisingly light on spoilers, mostly showing footage we’ve already seen in previous trailers along with some shots of the different lands of Kumandra and the mysterious evil force. We also get a good dose of some of the movie’s action sequences, some of which we’ve seen glimpses before, but still look noticeably overdone.

It’s hard not to be excited for a new Disney feature and Raya and the last dragon looks pretty good so far. Like I said earlier, I was already planning to see this movie the instant it’s available, and this latest trailer has only strengthened my resolve. The film’s superb visuals and intriguing fantasy setting are enhanced by an impressive cast of voices featuring Tran Awkwafina, Sandra Oh, Gem Chan, Daniel Dae KimY Benedict Wong. Check out the trailer below. Raya and the last dragon hits theaters March 5, with a simultaneous release on Disney + with Premiere Access.

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