Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland on Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Cameo Rumors

The point is, I’m not sure that the Netherlands is telling us the truth.


Filming in Spider man 3 is ongoing, but it seems we already know a lot about this new movie. Technically, we don’t talk much about, say, the plot, but what we do know is that, apparently, there are tons of previous Sony Pictures actors. Spiderman movies – namely Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield – will appear in Tom hollandSpidey’s third solo outing. Well, we thought we knew this was definitely happening. This week, the Netherlands has discussed those cameo rumors and it seems that maybe we did it all wrong and those cameos won’t happen. Let’s figure this out together, okay?


So Tuesday Don published an extensive profile on Holland where, between discussing his career and his new film Cherry, the Spider man 3 The actor commented on those Maguire and Garfield cameo rumors. Esquire notes that Holland was “suddenly positive” in his confidence that neither of them Spiderman star would appear in his threequel. Holland tells Esquire, “No, no, they won’t appear in this movie. Unless the bigger information has been kept from me, which I think is too big a secret to keep from me. But no. It will be a continuation of the Spiderman movies we’ve been making. ”

Here’s the problem: I’m not sure I totally believe in Holland.


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On the one hand, it is quite possible that Holland is telling the truth and we here at Entertainment News Land feed misinformation as a lure. On the other hand, it has been firmly established that the Netherlands cannot be trusted with very sensitive information about the great franchise films in which it stars and often runs the risk of revealing important secrets. Esquire’s profile even notes that Holland is aware that he himself receives decoy information all the time, something he talks about with the magazine: “They do it all the time. [Endgame]The scene of Robert Downey Jr.’s funeral, for a long time I had the impression that it was a wedding. I’m 100 percent sure they are still cheating on me. ”

Holland is, to some extent, an unreliable storyteller here. And if that’s really the case, then Holland has once again received false information that neither Maguire nor Garfield will appear in Spider man 3 and he was telling Esquire his own truth or … or! – he may know that those Spiderman the stars are showing up in the movie and he plays it like it’s not happening. This is all pure speculation of mine, of course, but context is key in these situations.


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The profile indicates that it is December 2020 when the Netherlands is asked if there is truth in any of these Spider man 3 cameo rumors. This is also around the same time that we (as well as other outlets) reported on the appearance of the stars of the previous franchise. So, as the last food for thought: Holland may have been right the time he spoke to Esquire and things have changed since then. Actually, your guess is as good as ours (and Holland’s).

Spider man 3 (Official title TBD) is currently filming and is expected to arrive on December 17. For more information, check out our updated 2021 movie release schedule, as well as our MCU phase four movie release schedule.

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