‘The Expanse’ producers advance plans for season 6 and a “big” series finale

love The expansion. While there are more choices than ever about what you can watch on network television and streaming services, I absolutely believe The expansion it’s near the top. For five seasons, the incredible sci-fi series based on the novels of James SA Corey (the pseudonym used by the contributors Daniel Abraham Y Ty franck) has used the science fiction genre to consistently deliver complex and dynamic stories that are unlike anything on television. I really can’t recommend this series highly enough.

Shortly after watching the season 5 finale (which now airs on Amazon Prime Video), I was able to speak with the producers. Naren shankar, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. While I’ve already posted what they had to say about the making of season 5 and why certain decisions were made, I have a bit more to offer and it has to do with season 6 and the series finale.


With The expansion With season 6 being the last season and how everyone knew this going in, I was curious if they were doing an extended episode for the series finale and how many episodes they would be doing. While they didn’t reveal how many episodes the final season would include, regarding the series finale, Shankar and Abraham told me:

“Let’s put it this way. A lot is going to happen in that last episode.”

“I feel like we’re going big, I think we’re going to do well.”

“We are not going out small.”

They also talked about the importance of keeping the landing, how season 6 will pay for “the story we started in season one episode one,” if fans can expect a big box of 4K Blu-ray when the series ends, and more. .

See what they had to say next. For more on The expansion Season 5, here is my spoiler talk with Steven Strait (Jim Holden) and Wes chatham (Amos Burton).


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Collider: Jumping into season six a bit, how long will season six last? Is it 10 episodes? Is it 13? What are you guys doing?

DANIEL ABRAHAM: Has Amazon announced it?

No, but I like to fish for information.

TY FRANCK: I respect that you’re fishing.

NAREN SHANKAR: I don’t think we can really go free, discuss that yet. So we may have to dodge that. I’m sorry.

Not well. With season six slated to be the final season, are you aiming for a 90 minute episode or something special for that last episode?

SHANKAR: Let’s put it this way. A lot is going to happen in that last episode.

ABRAHAM: I feel like we are going big, I think we are going well.

SHANKAR: We won’t go out small.

The fact is, you guys have done five incredible seasons. And obviously, they want to keep landing … do you feel that pressure of wanting to deliver something special to close this incredible series?

FRANCK: Well, yes.

ABRAHAM: I don’t know if, this season I don’t know if I felt any special pressure. As I think, the main writing team of this show has always felt that every episode had to be good, that every season had to be good. And for most of the show, we didn’t know we were going to have another season at the end of the season. So we always tried some kind of nice, dramatic ending to each season, so if we didn’t get another season, the fans would feel like they got something special at the end. I think we have always been playing that way. So yes, this season is unusual and yes, we are aware of that, but I don’t think our process has changed much.

SHANKAR: Although Ty and Daniel say, “Hit the landing.” Quite.


SHANKAR: And I absolutely respect that. I’m saying this with respect to the show, but also with the books they’re working on in book nine now, so yeah. So that’s a, because one bad ending can ruin the rest.


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For people who haven’t read the books, what can you joke about season six?

FRANCK: I think what season six does is it makes up for the story that we started in episode one of season one, where the Martians, the Earthers, and the Belters were all in this incredibly awkward and unstable political system with the Belters absolutely at odds. foot of that table and everyone fighting for their place in the solar system. I think we value that story in a very satisfying way. And we keep some of the mystery intact that involves the greatest forces in the universe that humans are just beginning to become aware of. If we want to tell more stories.

SHANKAR: Yes, well said.

Where are you in the filming process? Have you started filming? What is your schedule for the sixth season?

SHANKAR: We just started, we just finished the first week, the midweek actually last week. So we are moving forward, we are at it. Breck Eisner is in Toronto doing the first block and we’re off.

Have you found out who is going to direct the last episodes?

SHANKAR: We have it. We are all reserved for episodes, yes.

Have you found out when you want season six to air? Has Amazon asked for a certain date? And have you talked about making like a big 4K Blu-ray box when this is all over and doing something special with it?

Naren: Amazon is a long way off that I know of, and based on their scheduled delivery date it’s around the same time as this year. But we don’t have and those things can change. So that’s hard to say, and we’ve talked about making it as an amazing box, something really collectible, but there’s tons of bonus stuff that we’ve really put into early releases and a 4K HDR master would be awesome, a remastering would be awesome.

I hope they can do that. Well, I could ask you another 59 questions, but I have to go. I’m just going to say seriously, congratulations. I loved the fifth season. Thanks for what you do.

SHANKAR: Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Thank you.

FRANCK: Thank you.

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