But there is still a long way to go before this ends.


The end is near one of the biggest television franchises in history. Writer and producer Kevin Deioldt took to Twitter to reveal that production is already underway on the final season of The Walking Dead, more than a decade after the graphic novel adaptation first aired on AMC. The Walking Dead Season 11 will conclude the series with an epic style, as it is set to consist of 24 episodes spread over two years; we will live the broadcast of this last season in 2021 and 2022. And while 2022 will mark the end of The Walking Dead As we know it, AMC has already given the green light to a spinoff series centered on Daryl (Norman reedus) and Carol (Melissa mcbride), so the story will continue beyond the end of the series.


The Walking Dead It has had a long and bumpy road to this end point. The series premiered on AMC in 2010, when the network was gaining notoriety as a prestigious medium with shows like Breaking Bad Y Crazy men. At that moment, Frank Darabont (Life imprisonment) was the creator and showrunner, but almost immediately began to clash with AMC and Robert Kirkman during the making of that first six-episode season, and in the middle of the season 2 production, he was fired. That led to the show’s first but not last showrunner change, like Glen mazzara took over and sped up the farmhouse plot of season 2 to a solid response. But Mazzara himself would be out at the end of season 3, announcing a split due to the classic “creative differences.”

Andrew Lincoln on The Walking Dead

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At that moment, The Walking Dead It was a ratings giant and AMC wanted to keep a bit of control over the horror franchise. Scott M. Gimple took over as Mazzara at the start of Season 4, and has been running the ship ever since, moving into the role of content director for the franchise in 2018 and handing over the reins of the day-to-day showrunner to Angela kang.

During all this time The Walking Dead It became the highest-rated show in all of television, then took a rather spectacular drop as fans and critics grew weary of its monotonous plot and its constant teasing of story points they failed to satisfy. However, its ratings freefall coincided with declining ratings across the board across terrestrial television, and the licensing deals have maintained the show’s value to AMC from a profit standpoint.

Further, The Walking Dead the franchise has expanded. The first derived series Fear the walking dead is still on the air (now in its seventh season) and AMC recently released the first of two seasons of a limited series called The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Then there are also those feature films that focus on the ongoing Rick Grimes story that follows Andrew LincolnOut of the series, which Gimple is headlining. We haven’t had an update on that in a while though.

All this to say, while The Walking Dead Season 11 will be the last series of new episodes of the flagship series, the franchise remains, well, not dead.

The final six episodes of season 10 will begin airing on February 28.

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