10 anime characters who look young but are hundreds of years old

In most anime series, the characters are usually of a certain age to help viewers understand them and sometimes put themselves in their shoes. Some of these characters may have the best anime character designs or questionably bad designs.

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On the other hand, many fans come across some confusing aspects regarding anime characters who look young but are over hundreds of years old. This puzzling story detail can make most fans intrigued or strange. Therefore, it is worth highlighting some characters that are older than they appear.

10 Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas (over 3000 years old)

Meliodas is happy looking at something or someone

Arguably one of the coolest characters among the sins of The seven capital sins is the main protagonist of the anime, Meliodas. Regardless of his height and appearance, Meliodas is a fearsome and powerful leader of sins for over 3,000 years and is highly respected by his followers and main protagonist Elizabeth Liones, a woman Meliodas holds dear.

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Essentially, after losing a fight to the Demon King from the anime, Meliodas was cursed with immortality which says that every time he dies, he is reincarnated and his emotions are slowly eaten up. Meliodas’ backstory and his many adventures with sins make this anime from A-1 Pictures a must-see.

9 Hellsing: Alucard (598 years old)

Alucard has a devious smile

Arguably one of the best vampires in anime is the gunman and bloodthirsty vampire Alucard from Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. Although Alucard looks like a young man with a charming appearance, he is 598 years old and considering that he is a vampire, viewers will understand how this strong warrior maintains his youth.

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Yet another feat that allows this vampire to maintain his sharp, youthful appearance is his habit of sucking blood. This habit not only helps you heal your wounds, it can also add more years to your life.

8 Trigun: Vash The Stampede (130 years old)

Vash is ready to fight

One of the best gunmen in anime would be By Trigun Vash The Stampede, who is 130 years old. To explain Vash’s appearance and age a bit, he is known to be an interdimensional human creation made for power source and livestock reasons.

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Not only that, but Vash is a special case considering that she can outperform the other human experiments in many ways. Vash can live outside of safe zones, and the anime points out how beings like Vash can survive humans.

7 No Game No Life: Jibril (6,407 years old)

Jibril is beyond excited

Probably one of the most sadistic and knowledge-seeking characters in No Game No Life It would be Jibril, who is 6,407 years old. Despite being of abnormal age, Jibril is the last surviving member of Flugel and the youngest. Although Flugels are classified as angels, the main protagonist Sora argues that they are more aligned with the angels of death, as they have destructive powers.

Despite Jibril’s brutal conflicts with other supernatural races in No Game No Life, she is an honorable person who plays fairly and disapproves of cheating. Also, his goal is to share new information with others after defeating Sora and his sister Shiro.

6 Noragami: Yato (over 1000 years)

Yato is smiling

One of the most powerful gods in Noragami The one who wishes to be known as the god of fortune rather than one of destruction is Yato, who is surprisingly over 1000 years old. Despite his age, Yato appears to be a teenager and loves spending time with his classmates Hiyori and Yukine whenever he can.

Although Yato is a compassionate and comical god, Yato’s backstory contains immense bloodshed, abuse, and the darkness that he wishes would disappear without a trace. To pursue this goal, Yato became a god of delivery who would take over any task as long as he receives five yen for his services.

5 Yu Yu Hakusho: Koenma (over 700 years)

Koenma looks excited

One character that can leave many fans, including its main character, Yusuke Urameshi, scratching his head in confusion regarding his age is Yuyu Hakusho ruler of the spirit world, Koenma. At over 700 years old, Koenma appears to be a mere baby with a large pacifier and toddler outfit.

Although he is known for his childish personality, Koenma can also transform into a teenage version of himself. Despite his appearance in both forms, Koenma demands respect from everyone he meets and will not hesitate to launch an attack if someone is out of line or uncooperative.

4 Medaka Box: Najimi Ajimu (3 billion years or more)

Ajimu is looking at someone

The puzzling and mysterious founder of the Hakinowa Academy in Medaka box is Najimi Ajimu, who is 3,402,193,822,311 years old. Ajimu’s appearance and age are not the only characteristics of her that will surprise fans, but her abilities and power will make them question her more.

Ajimi can smash the ground with a single step, travel back in time, see what other people see with his eyes, change and override others’ abilities at will, and many others. Thus, Ajimi may seem like an average high school student with a mysterious personality, but deep down, she is a powerful figure.

3 Hell Girl: Enma Ai (about 400 years old)

Enma Ai seems unfazed

Arguably one of the scariest girls in anime and someone who won’t hesitate to show mercy is Hell girl’s Enma Ai, who is surprisingly around 400 years old. Although her appearance may not correlate with her age, Enma’s livelihood is dark and depressing.

When she was human 400 years ago, she was sentenced to death according to the tradition of her people and, outraged, burned her village. Enraged by her actions, the god of the underworld punished Ai by stripping her of her emotions and turning her into an observer destined to sentence people’s souls to the underworld on demand.

2 Door: Rory Mercury (967 years old)

Rory Mercury poses

A goddess known for her destructive and sadistic attitude towards criminals and unjust people is gateit is Rory mercury, who is 967 years old despite looking thirteen. Despite looking like a little girl, Rory is not a shove and will deal a fatal blow to anyone who feels mean or petty.

Although he doesn’t like cruel people, Rory is good-natured with a strong sense of justice and affection for a character named Yoji Itami. However, following the trope of being offended when people talk about your age is no stranger to Rory, as he will rage if people say that it is a girl.

one Umineko When They Cry: Bernkastel (over 1000 years)

One of the cruelest female characters in Umineko when they cry is the Witch of Miracles of more than 1000 years, Bernkastel. Bernkastel is a degrading witch, manipulative and antagonistic to her enemies and acquaintances in the franchise. Despite being a horrible being, Bernkastel had a harsh human past regarding imprisonment and torture at the hands of another witch named Lambdadelta.

Regardless, Bernkastel’s past and personality aren’t the only traits that make her fearsome, as she also perfects the power to tear apart fictional universes and through her manipulation of fragments of time. Therefore, it would be foolish to mistake this deadly witch for a girl or a teenager.

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