10 anime protagonists who were in the friend zone

Love can be a double-edged sword at times, as it can not only make people happy, it can also lead some to have a difficult emotional time. Whether someone ends up being rejected, rejected, or hurt, no one wants to hear the word “no” from someone they loved in their heart.

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Combating the depressive, sad, and hopeless feelings one can get from these difficult situations can be challenging and, like humans today, fictional characters can have a hard time dealing with it. Therefore, here are 10 anime characters that were classified as friends.

10 Naruto Uzumaki was ignored by Sakura who chose Sasuke instead

Naruto is in wise mode

As one of the most popular characters in anime history who ended up in a great relationship with Hinata Hyuga, Naruto Uzumaki is no stranger to the friend zone. Although Naruto marries Hinata at the end of Naruto shippuden, he was trying to win the heart of another girl named Sakura Haruno.

Despite Naruto’s best efforts to win the heart of her childhood crush, Sakura couldn’t stop thinking about Sasuke. Also, Naruto knew that Sakura’s deep feelings for Sasuke were strong during her confession to Naruto, which Naruto knew was a ruse to get her to stop chasing Sasuke.

9 Tsubaki Sawabe searched for Kousei, only to be rejected

Your lie in april It may be a romantic anime with a heartbreaking ending, but it’s also a show that isn’t afraid to leave one of its main leads in the friend zone. Tsubaki Sawabe was the childhood friend of the anime’s male lead, Kousei Arima, and essentially kept the mantle for him after Kousei lost his songwriting drive.

At first, he only sees Kousei as a younger brother figure and feels it is his responsibility to take care of him. However, when she develops feelings for Kousei and confesses, Kousei sadly rejects her in favor of the other main female lead, Kaori Miyazono, as she rekindled her passion for music.

8 Kazuma Kuwabara’s flirtation failed to capture Yukina’s heart

Even though Keiko and Yusuke’s love for each other in Yuyu Hakusho It may be a series mystery that was solved, the same cannot be said for the other main protagonist of the anime, Kazuma Kuwabara. Kuwabara, known for being Yusuke’s bully and an impetuous teenager, finally finds love in the demon protagonist Hiei’s sister, Yukina.

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No matter how many times Kuwabara flirted with Yukina, Yukina never seemed to reciprocate the same feelings Kuwabara had for her, although she appreciates her company. Kuwabara may not have won her heart, but at least she entered a highly acclaimed high school.

7 Satoru Fujinuma was left in a coma while Kayo married another man

Satoru is looking at something

Erased It may be a great time travel anime, but some fans may find Kayo Hinazuki’s inadvertent rejection of Satoru Fujinuma’s complicated affection for her saddened. Although Satoru had his adult mind within the body of his younger self, the scene of the hand and many others hinted at his love for Kayo.

Despite her feelings, she would lose her chance due to the coma she suffered from her killer, which led to Kayo marrying another man. Although Erased It was a depressing anime that had a happy ending, Kayo’s decision may make fans feel depressed.

6 Taiga Aisaka was friendly to Kitamura but broke up with Ryuji

Taiga is smiling

Although Taiga Aisaka and Ryuji Takasu are known as one of the best couples in shojo anime, Taiga succumbed to the friend zone in Toradora. At first, Taiga wishes to get close to Kitamura and confess her new feelings to him and ends up in a deal with Ryuji to help him win the heart of her best friend.

Even though the plan seems to be in Taiga’s favor, she discovers that Kitamura no longer feels anything for her as he did in the past. Since then, he has moved on and found a new lover, but insists that he and Taiga can be friends. Although Taiga did not anticipate that Kitamura would move on, the anime ended her new relationship with Ryuji.

5 Homura Akemi risked her life for a long-term relationship with Madoka that never happened

Homura looks scared

Having crossed multiple timelines and witnessed many scenarios where the person close to her was in immense pain, Homura Akemi never wanted to stop saving Madoka Kaname’s life in Madoka Magica. Homura even risked her life in favor of securing a long-term relationship with Madoka.

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There are many scenarios after fans discover the truth behind Homura’s character which indicates the strong sense of “yuri content” implemented in the relationship between these girls. Although Homura admits to loving Madoka, Madoka never admits to having the same feelings for her, showing that she can value her as a friend and nothing more.

4 Naruko Anjou stopped next to Jinta as she struggled to get away from her deceased friend.

Anohana: the flower we saw that day It is possibly an anime that will make fans cry not only for its conclusion but also for the events surrounding some of its leads such as Naruko Anjou. Since childhood, Anjou was always in love with Jinta Yadomi, and after trying so hard to win him over, she couldn’t reach Jinta’s heart as much as Menma.

Despite many men asking her to hang out, Anjou never wanted to betray her love for Jinta. His loyalty knew no bounds, as he was even by his side during his difficulties to get away from his deceased friend, Menma.

3 Hiroto Suwa erased his relationship and future with Naho

Orange is an anime that features teenagers making decisions that could not only affect their future but also the lives of their friends. One of the male leads, named Hiroto Suwa, and his decision to sacrifice his relationship with Naho Takamiya is one example.

Although Hiroto discovers a future where he and Naho have children together, he also discovers that Naho’s crush, Kakeru, commits suicide, which leads Naho to go through a depressive phase as adults. Suwa ultimately chooses to erase her future with Naho and her future children, to create a world where everyone is happy.

2 Chiyo Sakura was unable to convey her feelings to the unconscious Nozaki

Chiyo blushes

What sometimes makes confessing to someone difficult is when the person you like doesn’t understand the other person’s emotional signs. In Nozaki Kun Girls’ Monthly, the female protagonist Chiyo Sakura tries to win over a lover who exhibits such alien traits but is unsuccessful.

With every attempt Chiyo made towards her crush, Umetarou Nozaki, she only received responses that showed her naivety regarding romance, mainly because she is not interested in romantic relationships. Sadly for Chiyo, the only interest Nozaki has in romance is preoccupation with writing her manga in which she feels her moves are mere content releases.

one Kenji Harima finds happiness in the manga drawing after being pushed into the friend zone by Tenma

Kenji is talking to someone

School rumble is an anime that will leave viewers scratching their heads over the actions and thought process of the main characters. Despite that, the main characters’ struggles, such as Kenji Harima’s difficulties in expressing his affection for Tenma Tsukamoto, may intrigue some into watching the anime.

Harima’s main struggle is letting go of her emotions for Tenma, as she already has feelings for another man in the anime. Despite being pushed into the friend zone, Harima finds happiness elsewhere, preferably drawing manga, an ability he develops to distract himself from Tenma’s friend zone.

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