The Pokédex entries of the Pokemon games tend to have some hidden gems that many players can miss. After all, with the goal of defeating all the trainers and catching all the Pokémon in each game, not everyone has the time to read posts about hundreds of Pokémon.

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These little details about the Pokémon can be downright hilarious, shedding light on each other’s surprising behavior and habitats that the game may not have time to show players. With so many Pokémon appearing in so many games, each game reveals something about one Pokémon that another might not, so it’s worth taking some time to see what the Pokédex have to offer.

10 Alolan Raichu absolutely loves pancakes in Alola

Raichu floating in the air

Alolan Raichu manages to outdo the classic Raichu in cuteness due to his ability to float in the air by standing on his tail. The secret to its appearance, surprisingly, is the pancakes. Come on Pikachu Y Come on eeveePokédexes claim that Raichu absolutely adores pancakes in Alola, and people speculate that an ingredient in said pancakes is responsible for their unique evolution.

While there are no definitive answers as to whether or not this is true, it’s hilarious to consider that pancakes are capable of making a Pokémon look so different.

9 Wigglytuff has the ability to inflate incessantly

Wigglytuff in a nurse outfit with Nurse Joy

Pokémon: SapphireThe Pokédex describes Wigglytuff’s body as very flexible. It has the ability to inflate endlessly, leading to many questions about how big it could be made or even why it would choose to have it done. When inflated, the Pokémon can bounce gently like a balloon.

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Nothing in his skill set implies that he can do this, nor is there any real reason to start bouncing, but he would definitely look adorable while doing it.

8 Feebas has been ridiculed for having a pitiful appearance

Find a wild feebas

Feebas has it difficult. Red fire Y Green leaf They both claim that this poor fish Pokémon has been ridiculed for having a pitiful appearance, and is so despised that researchers choose to ignore it.

It is very unfortunate, as Milotic, the evolved form of Feebas, is known to be one of the most beautiful Pokémon that ever lived. There are people who really like Feebas the way he is, but end up disappointed when their Feebas evolve into Milotic. It seems that poor Pokémon cannot win.

7 Alola has an ancient tradition in which people slide Sandshrew down the ice

Sandshrew attacks Tyrannitar

Pokémon MoonThe Pokédex says that Alola has an ancient tradition whereby people slide Sandshrew across the ice to see who can make him slide the farthest. It’s a very strange competition at a festival, but if it’s a tradition, Sandshrew shouldn’t seem to mind people slipping them.

The Sandshrew are probably not the wild type, as no wild animal would go along with the traditions that literally push them.

6 Gloom’s natural smell is absolutely unpleasant and its smell can make people pass out

Gloom smiling

According to Pokémon Yellow, Gloom’s natural smell is absolutely unpleasant. The stench is so penetrating that it is capable of making people faint after smelling it. However, one in a thousand people love the strong smell of a Gloom.

There really is a Pokémon for each type of trainer, but whoever owns this plant for the simple fact of having its stench is surely not a good friend of its neighbors.

5 Meowth loves coins and giving him one is enough to form a quick friendship

Anime Pokemon Team Rocket Meowth Pose

Pokémon: Ultra Moon describes Meowth as a typical feline: he loves coins and giving him one is enough to make a quick friendship with him. However, Meowth is known to be very fickle, so the friendship would not last long.

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People who would like to have a lasting friendship with a Meowth would likely find their wallets empty, but one has to wonder if such a friendship would be worth it. However, having Meowth as a friend and having no money probably means being a member of Team Rocket.

4 Sudowoodo is incredibly popular with the elderly

Sudowoodo is happy

Sudowoodo has a very surprising entry into Pokémon: Ultra Sun. Apparently, he is incredibly popular with the elderly. It is so popular that it even has its own magazine and even some fans.

It is probably so popular with older people, since the Sudowoodo is a plant that does not need (or rather, does not want) to be watered and spends most of its time standing. It’s a mystery how people could publish multiple magazines about a Pokémon that was so recently.

3 Alolan Ninetales really doesn’t like people

Ninetales goes sledding with a coach

Alolan Ninetales seems generous and helpful on the surface. Guide the lost travelers down the mountain. Pokémon: Ultra Sun clarifies Ninetales’ reason for doing so. He doesn’t really like people at all, and taking people down the mountain means people could go faster.

Although it is done for selfish reasons, and Ninetales only sees lost people as guests who have stayed longer than their welcome, it doesn’t really change the fact that leading people is a kind gesture.

2 Spheal enjoys giving his food a clap before eating

Spheal cheerfully clapping

Pokemon x reveals that Spheal likes to clap when they’re happy or about to eat. While most people wouldn’t clap the moment they receive their food, the Spheal enjoys giving their food a round of clapping before it’s eaten, making mealtime a very noisy occasion.

The idea of ​​Spheal clapping is even more fun given the small size of its fins. Plus, Spheal finds it easier to get around to get from place to place, which is just as adorable and fun to imagine.

one Gible enjoys the heat, so having a Gible in Alola would mean a sky-high heating bill

Gible in nature

Pokémon: Ultra MoonThe Pokédex describes Gible as a Pokémon that enjoys heat, as its original home is much hotter than Alola. The Pokédex warns that having a Gible in Alola would mean a heating bill through the roof.

Everything comes at a cost, but Gible seems like a particularly expensive Pokémon to maintain. Alola isn’t exactly a cold place either, so the humidity with the added heat in the house would make the living environment unbearable.

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