The vast and incredibly wild world of Pokemon it’s a strange place most of the time, to say the least. On the one hand, the world itself is a wonder of nature and technology that coexists, but on the other hand, it is also a world filled with super-powerful animals, each with their own unique abilities. Fortunately, there is information about them that is explained by the device known as a Pokédex.

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The Pokédex has an entry for every Pokémon that has ever existed or will exist and acts as an encyclopedia for trainers to learn about these creatures, but some entries are so quirky, exaggerated, or just too bizarre for any reason.

10 If the sob cries, everyone must cry

Sobbing about to cry, Pokémon

One of the three starter Pokémon from the Galar region, Sobble’s most notable personality trait is that it is a big crybaby, shy and easily crying, and it turns out that it is also a defense mechanism for the little reptile. The Pokédex claims that when Sobble starts crying, everyone around him also starts crying and claims that the tears apparently “contain the chemical hit of 100 onions.”

A freshly cut onion may have enough chemical eye irritants to create a burning, watery sensation, now imagine that the chemical reaction is multiplied by a hundred. Sobble’s tears would not only cause intense crying, but they would likely create burning pain in the eyes like never before.

9 Spoink can never rest

At first glance, Spoink looks like a happy little creature as it bounces on its tail, but in reality it has a somewhat miserable existence. The Pokédex claims that the bounce is actually what gets Spoinks heart pumping, so he must keep bouncing, otherwise his heart will stop.

This means that Spoink can never really rest because doing so would kill him. Subsequent Pokédex entries even confirm that Spoink even has to sleep while bouncing, and only stops once he’s dead. Trainers may be tempted to hug this cute little pig, but doing so would end up putting his life at risk.

8 Magikarp can jump mountains but is still useless

Magikarp from Pokémon

Magikarp is known as the most useless Pokémon out there, only capable of pathetically floating. The fifth generation of Pokemon revealed that despite this, and contradicting previous Pokédex entries, Magikarp has a talent, incredible jumping abilities.

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The Pokédex states that “a Magikarp who lives for many years can jump a mountain using Splash”, unfortunately, it also confirms that the move does not do anything independently yet. Considering how much force Magikarp would need to jump a mountain, it’s confusing that he still can’t do any damage. This means one of two things, either the Pokédex lies about this ability or other Pokémon are so incredibly strong that Magikarp at its best is still weak in comparison.

7 Brain poison + Slowking = Genius?

Slowking from Pokemon 2000 the movie

Slowpoke and Shellder have shared an interesting relationship over the years, as Shellder is the driving force that allows Slowpoke to evolve. If Shellder bites into Slowpoke’s tail, he will turn into Slowbro, but if his head is bitten, he will evolve into Slowking. It doesn’t stop there, though, because the Pokédex claims that the toxins Shellder injects into Slowking’s brain make him a genius.

There are many questions that arise from this information, such as, why would Shellder venom do that, and if this is really how it works, then what is Shellder venom supposed to do in its natural habitat? In most cases, the venom that seeps into the brain would likely cause death, but apparently, for an evolving Slowpoke, it instead acquires high intelligence.

6 Local Primeape is literally too mad to live

Primeape hits Charmander

He’s mad, and then he’s mad like Primeape. Primeape is known to be almost always enraged and as a result activates very easily and attacks without warning. In short, it is not the friendliest Pokémon out there. Apparently that anger is a double-edged sword, as the Pokédex reveals that Primeape can get so angry that he dies.

Everyone gets angry sometimes, but Primeape’s anger can turn so red hot and so intense that it literally kills him. What’s even sadder is that the entry goes on to say that “his face looks peaceful in death.” Primeape’s only true sense of calm is when he dies.

5 The laws of physics cannot stop Igglybuff

Igglybuff from Pokémon

Igglybuff is a lovable Pokémon and the pre-evolution of Jigglypuff, and in addition to its cute appearance, it is also known to be incredibly soft and stretchy. In fact, as the Pokédex reveals, it’s actually too bouncy. Many Pokédex entries mention it, but it is Diamond Y Pearl’s entries confirming “Once it starts to bounce, it is impossible to stop.”

When something like a ball bounces it eventually loses its kinetic energy and stops, but Igglybuff can literally bounce forever and nothing can stop it. It can be assumed that Igglybuff lives a difficult life as a result and you probably have to be careful not to trip or you could get stuck bouncing around.

4 I was a kadabra teenager

There is a fine line between humans and Pokémon, but every now and then that line gets tangled. One of the strangest examples somehow ended up being Kadabra, thanks to this notorious Pokédex entry, “It happened one morning: a boy with ESP woke up in bed transformed into Kadabra.”

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Normally, Kadabra is the result of the evolution of an Abra, but the Pokédex implies that an unfortunate child who had psychic powers became one. There is also no explanation for why the boy suddenly transformed into a Pokémon, which means that this entry creates more questions than it answers.

3 Tyranitar’s rampage causing massive destruction

At the end of the day, Pokémon are wild animals that go berserk when threatened or enraged, though Tyranitar’s anger makes Primeape seem tame by comparison. Many of the entries in the Tyranitar Pokédex speak of how strong it is, but Diamond Y Pearl’s the tickets actually take you home, telling how when it rages, it “knocks down mountains” and “buries rivers”. He goes on to say that the destruction is so bad that “the maps must be redrawn later.”

While Tyranitar is not the most common Pokémon out there, they are not very few and far between, so if a Tyranitar is capable of getting maps redrawn then it is surprising that the Pokemon The world has not yet collapsed by the force of the entire Tyranitar population.

2 Your Gardevior, Black Holes and you

Pokémon Gardeners

Gardevoir can share a special connection with his trainers and as such he is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect them, including transgression of the laws of space and time. There are several Pokédex entries that tell how Gardevoir can create little black holes to protect his trainer, but this would do more harm than help if it were true.

The gravitational pull of a black hole is inescapable, regardless of size, and it would attract just about everything, getting bigger and bigger in the process. If Gardevoir made a black hole, he would probably not only accidentally kill his trainer and himself, but the rest of the world as well.

one The very existence of Magcargo would burn everything

Magcargo from Pokémon

The metrics for a Pokemon’s power output are often too exaggerated to measure, which is probably done to make them sound powerful, but in hindsight, if applied by real-world science, these creatures wouldn’t just be impossible, they’d be a end of the world. Magcargo is a brilliant example of that, with an entry in the Pokédex of Sapphire Pokémon describing it as “18,000 degrees Fahrenheit” in terms of temperature.

That’s about twice the temperature of the sun’s surface, with that heat not only would the water evaporate (as it says in the same entry), but literally everything around Magcargo would catch fire even before sending an attack. The world itself would burn to clarity just from Magcargo’s existence.

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