10 ways Naruto is different in the manga

Like most television adaptations, be they comics, books or manga, the Naruto The anime does not fully follow in the footsteps of its original protagonist, resulting in new strengths and weaknesses in the television series. The anime version of Naruto Uzumaki’s path to becoming the Hokage is perhaps the most popular and beloved version of the character, as it is also one of the most important content that made him famous, acknowledging that the original anime is considered one of the most important. the best on the market.

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When comparing the world of Naruto in the manga with that of the anime, many differences emerge. Here are the most significant differences between the two, both in regards to the protagonists, antagonists, and their particular fictional worlds.

10 The Art: The details and colors in the manga make the whole story that much more entertaining.

Perhaps this is the most obvious difference of all, as animation is not the same as drawing a panel, manga, or comic.

Obviously, there will be more refined details in the latter, however, it is worth mentioning that the art in the Naruto manga is one of the fundamental elements; the power and battles of the characters have much more impact. The art of manga, thanks to all the details and (defined) colors, makes the whole story much more entertaining.

9 Sasuke In Prison: In the manga, he is forgiven after returning and helping the shinobi.


Another thing the animated cartoon did differently from the manga was define the consequences of Sasuke Uchica’s prison sentence. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was faced with the consequences of joining the village’s worst enemy, Orochimaru, and training with him.

In the manga he is forgiven after returning and helping shinobi; The anime, however, decided to temporarily punish him for his actions. Perhaps it is a wiser decision not to favoritism.

8 How they handled Sakura: the manga doesn’t do a good job of developing her character and individuality


Sakura is one of the few and strongest female characters in this series, although she is criminally underrated and underused.

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Often unsurprisingly (and unfairly) she is treated as a woman in distress who is later saved by someone else, especially when it comes to manga. However, the anime does a better job of developing its character and individuality, perhaps also due to some fillers, which give it the opportunity to appear in more stories and have more different roles, but mainly because the writers might have noticed. of its potential. .

7 Character of Jiraiya – the manga depicts him as a more grumpy and slightly more idiotic character

Jiraiya running into Naruto.

Jiraiya’s character was handled differently in the anime as well. When it comes to cartoons, in addition to being iconic and a fan favorite, he’s generally wise, powerful, and cunning (and occasionally funny).

He is not completely different from the manga version, however the manga depicts him as a more grumpy and slightly more idiotic character, not a bad person but also quite someone on his own.

6 Neji’s mark of curse: In the manga it used to be a variation of a manji, a Buddhist symbol

Neji Hyuga also made some changes before being featured on From Naruto Cartoon. Originally, in the manga, the curse mark stamped on Neji’s forehead used to be a variation of a manji, a Buddhist symbol, which is similar in appearance to the swastika.

For obvious reasons, or rather because of the inadequacy and the consequences that the maintenance of the brand could have had, the symbol was changed.

5 Differences in the representation of violence: manga is much fatter and more violent than anime

A particular difference between the cartoon and the manga can be found in the different approaches they both have to violence and gory scenes in general.

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Battles last much longer on screen, but that’s not the main point. Manga is much fatter and more violent than anime, which does not eliminate violence but significantly reduces and adjusts it. Whether this is ideal or not is subjective, but it is worth mentioning how the same fight scenes can impact differently depending on whether it is the animated series or the manga, even though the anime has its notable fight scenes and surprising.

4 Naruto training: in the manga, Naruto does not try to escape from training by trying to elude Jiraiya

When it comes to anime, Naruto tries to escape training by trying to elude Jiraiya, who thankfully does not give up on training the young student and eventually trains him near a river.

In the manga, however, Naruto’s path unfolds differently, and Jiraiya begins Naruto’s training in the Konoha hot springs without the latter trying to trick his master.

3 Naruto vs Robot Naruto: there is no trace of a robot version of Naruto in the manga

One of the main things the animated cartoon didn’t excel at was the fillers, which often had too pointless or boring stories and battles. An example of this can be found in Mecha-Naruto, who appeared in the anime fillers multiple times and fought fiercely against the human Naruto.

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There is no trace of a robotic version of Naruto in the manga, it was the addition of the cartoon, but not so enriching.

2 No filler in the manga: the manga doesn’t come with these many alternate realities and stories

In anime, the fillers can be seen as a way to entertain and “fill” the void as audiences wait for the ongoing canonical story of the cartoon to adapt the manga on screen.

The manga does not come with these many alternate realities and stories, however these episodes are plentiful and characterize the show as well as they offer many alternate but notable fight scenes.

one Hinata’s development: the manga doesn’t give her confession enough space, time and validity

Hinata Hyuga Naruto Shippuden Smiling Flushed

Hinata is quite a unique but intriguing character. His main motivation and fundamental trait, both in the manga and in the anime, is to be in love with Naruto; so it is worth mentioning how differently his confession was treated from the animated cartoon.

In addition to giving him more development and individuality, anime also gives his confession more space, time and validity, whereas in manga it happens too quickly and does not take on as much importance.

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