5 of the most shocking moments from Dawn of the Dead (and 5 of the funniest)

When it comes to zombie movies, it’s hard to top George A. Romero’s. Dawn of the Dead. While Romero had revolutionized the zombie genre (and horror in general) nearly a decade earlier with Night of the Living Dead, was Dawn of the Dead which was a great commercial success.

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The movie helped popularize the zombie genre, was a huge influence on movies to follow (and still serves as a huge influence on modern filmmakers), and is often considered the best zombie movie ever made. It’s certainly a horror movie, but it’s also very funny. The mixture is intoxicating.

10 Shocking: the opening news segment

Chaos in the newsroom

Dawn of the Dead It opens in a really spectacular way with a chaotic newsroom. Very few zombie movies address the middle ground between the initial outbreak and post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden hell. But Dawn of the Dead is different.

The movie is set at a time when humanity is still relatively strong (strong enough to air and watch TV, at least) but slowly loses ground to growing numbers of zombies. The opening newsroom segment is heartbreaking and stressful, perfectly capturing the chaos of a world ending.

9 Funniest: The Gun Zombie

Dawn of the Dead (1978) by George Romero

The zombie weapon serves as a funny joke at all times. Dawn of the Dead. The movie is riddled with recognizable zombies, including the Hare Krishna zombie and the middle-aged zombie who stumbles on the escalator with a puzzled expression on his face.

There’s also the gun zombie that keeps putting its hands on Peter’s guns. He initially grabs a rifle during the opening run of the mall and then hooks up a machine gun as Peter escapes from the mall. He was clearly a gun enthusiast in the past life.

8 Shocking: The Project Raid

At the same time as the chaotic news segment, there is the foray of the opening project. The project raid serves as the perfect way to introduce viewers to the horribly violent, brutal, and bloody world in which the characters of Dawn of the Dead live.

In just the first ten minutes, viewers watch one police officer lose his head, another is shot in the head, an innocent man blows his head off, people have pieces of their skin ripped off, police officers commit suicide, and police officers they kill others. policemen. When Roger goes to vomit in the basement, viewers certainly don’t blame him.

7 More fun: Roger appears Flyboy

While the film never relents in terms of violence and gore, viewers are treated with some much-needed lightness in the airport sequence.

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While the sequence still contains some shocking footage like Peter killing two zombie kids and a zombie having his head ripped off with helicopter blades, it also contains the hilarious scene involving Roger and Flyboy. Flyboy keeps trying to kill zombies, and Roger keeps interrupting by hitting his gun and killing the zombies himself. The best part is Roger’s smug face after killing the first zombie.

6 Shocking: Roger is bitten

Roger is a favorite character of many. He’s fun, charismatic, and proves capable of both managing himself and defending the group. He primarily serves as the group’s prankster, and clearly doesn’t let a zombie apocalypse get in the way of his sense of fun.

Which makes it even more tragic when Roger becomes the first to be bitten. He’s been bitten roughly in the middle of the movie, and much of the grim second half is devoted to his withered health and eventual death. It is something tragic and shocking, and it is never easier to see.

5 More fun: Rob the bank

Dawn of the Dead is set in an abandoned shopping mall, and the movie makes the most of that unique concept. Once the mall is free of the undead, the characters go shopping and have fun.

Flyboy and Peter walk into the mall’s bank, steal the cash in the boxes, and smile at the security camera while proudly displaying the cash in hand. It’s a fun and lighthearted little sequence, but it also serves as a stark reminder that society, as you know it, is ending in the most post-apocalyptic way possible.

4 Shocking: Flyboy is attacked

Dawn of the Dead

Roger is not the only character to die. During the finale of the climactic mall attack, Flyboy is shot in the arm by a group of marauding bikers. After calling for help, the zombies open the elevator that Flyboy is hiding in and attack in one of the scariest shots in movie history.

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The attack is sudden and horribly violent, and before the public knows what happened, Flyboy is bleeding from multiple places, including his mouth (certainly not a good sign). It is the last time Flyboy is seen alive, and spawns the now iconic Flyboy Zombie.

3 More fun: Peter breaks the window

After crossing the abandoned mall, the characters land in the helicopter and cross the roof. They find a small glass window that leads to the warehouses below. They decide that the room would be a good hiding place, but Flyboy asks how they are going to get there.

Always the resourceful man, Peter just grabs his gun and smashes the glass window to pieces, leading Flyboy to give him a hilarious “Really, man?” Look.

2 Shocking: The violent end of the motorcyclist

Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead it opens and ends in a spectacular (and spectacularly violent) way. A marauding group of cyclists attack the mall, leaving Flyboy and Peter to defend it.

The entire sequence is hair-raising, complete with one motorcyclist being ripped from a blood pressure machine, another having his intestines ripped out by a group of zombies, zombie beheadings, twisted headshots, and machetes to the faces. It’s a horrible thing, and it makes for a suitably bloody ending.

one The funniest thing: “Do you have cigarettes?”

One of the great characters in the film is the poor policeman who keeps asking for cigarettes. Despite appearing in about thirty seconds of the film, it makes an instant impression. Initially ask the main group of characters and of course they all say no. As soon as he leaves, both Roger and Fran light cigarettes, leading Peter to grin in amusement.

Later, the officer heads to the docks, and amid all the chaos and noise, onlookers can clearly make out his voice asking the other policemen for cigarettes. “Do you have cigarettes !?”

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