Up was an enjoyable movie for people of all ages and backgrounds, but in a way, it could have been praised too much or too little.

Above It is often considered to be one of Pixar’s best work by both fans and casual viewers. It has the classic charm of Disney and Pixar animation, the fun parts that all family members enjoy, and the unforgettable music to go with it all.

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And yet there are some things about Above that make it an inferior film than what is really perceived. In fact, these aspects of Above They could potentially make it quite overrated, or on the other hand, they could prove that the movie is underrated.

10 OVERED – There are too many scary parts to miss

Up to Pixar

At the time of its launch, Above it was billed as the funniest movie of the summer. However, many parents were surprised to find that there are too many terrifying parts of the movie that simply cannot be overlooked.

First, there is Ellie dying in the opening sequence of the film. There are a lot of terrible things going on in Carl’s house, like it gradually breaking down and even burning down. Carl himself abandons Russell and there are many cases where the characters could easily fall and die. There is even a pack of terrifying dogs that look surprisingly realistic. Children who do not respond well to the themes of death and loss may have a difficult time watching this movie.

9 UNDERRATED: Animation quality is as high as it could be

Up to Pixar

It is an established fact by now that both Disney and Pixar consistently create films of the highest quality of animation, and Above is no exception.

All the colors in the film are vibrant, and the character designs perfectly match the personalities of those characters. Also, some parts look so detailed and lifelike that the animation persists to this day.

8 OVERED – Characters tend to be quite annoying

Up to Pixar

There is an interesting element that many comic relief characters possess that is annoying. But with AboveThis quality seems to extend to other characters as well with almost everyone being annoying at one point or another.

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Carl is constantly in a bad mood, while Russell is overly enthusiastic. Dug and Kevin are a mix of weird and naive, which often translates to ridiculous behavior from both of them.

7 UNDERRATED – Character interactions are exceptionally genuine

Up to Pixar

That being said, the interactions between characters remain exceptionally genuine, which made so many viewers fall in love with this movie, its story, and of course its characters.

Carl is the shy type of boy that many people can see themselves in, while Ellie is the hyperactive and adventurous girl that so many people wish they were. Russell, with his need to be loved by his father, is the embodiment of one of the greatest childhood fears anyone could have: the fear of not being loved by his parents. All of this makes the interactions between these characters feel sincere and real.

6 OVEREDALIZED: Sometimes it gets too sentimental

Up to Pixar

Another thing Disney and Pixar are so well known for is the unabashed sentimentality of many of their works. People love to tell stories about crying in the cinema while watching a Pixar movie, but sometimes, it becomes too obvious when the movie tries to make viewers cry.

Above has many moments that focus too much on sentimentality. The opening sequence is by far the most obvious part, but there are other scenes closer to the end that take a very similar approach to the opening sequence.

5 UNDERRATED: The soundtrack is one of Pixar’s best

Up to Pixar

Speaking of sentimentality, a big contributor was the soundtrack that was composed by Michael Giacchino, who also composed for The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Inside out, Zootopia, Coconut, and others.

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With much, UPS The soundtrack is one of Pixar’s best. It has sentimental notes and a simple melody that stays with the viewers for years and at the same time brings out the emotions when they are needed.

4 OUTSTANDING: Covers very sensitive topics

Up to Pixar

As mentioned earlier, Above features some scenes that can scare younger viewers quite a bit, especially if they’re not ready for such scenes or are expecting something fun and lighthearted.

But at the same time, these scenes are tied to the very sensitive themes that are dealt with in the film. Death, loss, loneliness, and depression are present here. Besides that, the parent-child relationship is also addressed with some scary aspects present as well.

3 UNDERRATED: Has classic Disney / Pixar magic

Up to Pixar

No matter what other people think Above, there is one thing that remains constant throughout the entire movie: the classic Disney / Pixar magic element.

Above It has the kind of atmosphere that almost all Pixar films have: the ups and downs of character travel, beautiful animation, powerful messages, and enjoyment for the whole family.

2 OVEREDALIZED: Not much plot

One of the rare but still prominent complaints about Above is that there is not much plot. Of course there’s the opening sequence and the hook, but throughout the story itself, most of the characters fight each other.

The jokes that are spread all over the place generally hide this aspect of the film, making it enjoyable nonetheless, but some viewers may find Above no notable events.

one UNDERRATED: The opening sequence is one of the best ever.

Up to Pixar

The first thing that came up when Above mentioned is obviously the opening sequence. And without a doubt, it is absolutely brilliant, but it is much more than that, it is perhaps one of the best in history.

The way the audience meets Ellie and Carl is so powerful that when the sequence ends with their death, it feels very shocking even though she was not even half of the movie on screen.

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