90 Day Boyfriend: Mike downed shots with Uncle Beau during Super Bowl LV

After Natalie tragically kicked Uncle Beau out of Mike’s Sequim farm, the fan favorite of the 90-day-old fiancé was spotted with his cousin for Super Bowl shots.

Since i came to america 90 day fiancé Star Natalie Mordovtseva has made Mike Youngquist change a lot about himself. But one thing that still infuriates TLC viewers is that Natalie makes Mike kick Uncle Bojangles off his farm. However, as Mike and Natalie have major doubts about their on-screen wedding, Sequim 90 day fiancé celeb seems to have celebrated Super Bowl weekend with Uncle Beau. But what did he do 90 day fiancé Fans celebrating was Mike taking photos with Uncle Beau on his Instagram account.

When 90 day fiancé Star Natalie Mordovtseva finally got her K-1 visa, one of her conditions before moving in was that Mike Youngquist kick his uncle Bojangles off the family farm. However, when Uncle Beau packed up his belongings to leave, an excited Mike revealed that the man was actually his cousin. Still, pleasing Natalie seemed to be the top priority for season eight celebrity Mike, who seems to have finally faltered in the later episodes of the show. Meanwhile, Uncle Beau, who became a fan favorite in season seven, managed to impress Natalie by meeting her with his toothless smile and flair, as evidence about his terrifying, crime-laden past came to light. arrests. Mike’s cousin / uncle story, however, didn’t bother 90 day fiancé fans, who still continue to lash out at Natalie on her Instagram for her dirty act. But those who missed seeing Uncle Bo’s antics with Mike on screen were in luck on Super Bowl weekend.

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Not only 90 day fiancé Star Mike posted a video with Uncle Beau on his Instagram, but he also drank alcohol, something she teetotates that Natalie clearly despises. In his first video, Mike youngquist gave a shout out to his fans for their constant love and support as he talked about the usual “bonfires, barbecue, shots, beer, “Routine I was doing with Uncle Beau, which was”visiting. “The next publication of 90 day fiancéMike, captioned, “Iit’s game time,”It showed Bojangles inside the house taking photos of Jager with his cousin. With two back-to-back updates on their favorite Uncle Beau, fans in Mike’s comment section got what they wanted, though some decided to lovingly troll Mike.

Natalie is busy outside making out with a tree?? asked a curious one 90 day fiancé fan. Another wrote: “She must be gone. Mike, shots for everyone. “On the other hand, a concerned fan wrote:”Oh hell, now I’m scared for you I’m waiting to hear her start screaming about alcohol hahaha, “While a Bojangles fan stated,”Tell your uncle I’ll be his wife. “

Meanwhile, some eagle-eyed fans saw a great clue about 90 day fiancé the star Natalie is still present. “I see a bag! That means she is still there. YES!!!”One of Mike’s followers asserted, serving as a reminder that he has been married to Natalie since March 2020. But will Natalie really have a problem with Mike’s photoshoot with Uncle Beau? As 90 day fiancéThe great Mike told a fan in the comments, “redon’t tell him hahaha. “

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90 day fiancé airs Sundays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

Source: Mike Youngquist / Instagram

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