Stephanie Matto found a compatible boyfriend online who wanted to know everything about her. Yet there was more to him than meets the eye.

Other 90 day fiancé: before 90 days The star seemed to have found the love of her life. After dating and breaking up with her partner Erika Owens, Stephanie Matto said she found the man of her dreams online. She seemed to be very interested in this mysterious man and she loved the fact that he was so curious about her.

TLC took a long-needed step by featuring the first gay couple in 90 day fiancé: before 90 days season 4. Erika and Stephanie met online and then met in Australia. The couple seemed very much in love at first, but they faced some major conflicts, as many couples do. Stephanie was not as open about her sexuality as Erika. She was even reluctant to share the fact that she was in love with a woman with her mother. This became one of the biggest red flags for Erika, who had faced the same situation with her ex-girlfriend. Erika was kept a secret for ten years and was not interested in being one again. Finally, this cute couple had a difficult breakup. Their separation occurred at the end of the season. Erika has now moved in with her boyfriend, Chris. Some rumors suggest that they plan to get married soon.

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OnlyFans star Stephanie decided to wait before heading back into the dating world. Then she seemed to fall in love with a gentleman she met online just a week ago. the Soap dirt website reported that something “truly amazing“I was going through Stephanie Matto. The former TLC star was talking to a man online who was”honestly perfect.“Apparently he was dialing”all boxes.“The New Yorker felt so confident in her choice that she was giving advice to other people on how to get a”perfect companion.

Stephanie Matto 90 Day Fiancé

Stephanie, who previously moved from the Czech Republic to Yonkers, revealed what made this man special and said that he was doing the things that no one had ever done for her. For example, he was interested in knowing more about her and asking her a lot of questions in order to find out. He asked her the name of her high school mascot, what street she grew up on, and her mother’s maiden name. He even asked what the name of his first pet was. This made her wonder “who does that

Maybe he was a con artist, like David Murphey’s “girlfriend”, Lana? So it seems. Looks like Stephanie was being scammed online for this “perfect man.“This random person was trying to steal his identity by asking private questions. However, the former 90 day fiancé: before 90 days Star Stephanie Matto didn’t fall for her. Instead, the celebrity learned from this educational experience. Now he is telling his fans not to settle for less than they deserve.

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Source: Soap dirt

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