90 Day Fiancé star Deavan Clegg is causing more drama. Reddit users criticized the mother for turning her daughter’s alleged abuse into a clickbait.

Protagonist of 90 day fiancé: the other way Deavan Clegg has once again found himself at the center of the controversy. Reddit users have called the mother of two 24-year-olds a bad mother, as they now accuse her of using the alleged abuse of daughter Drascilla for the Instagram clickbait.

Deavan has a messy reputation within the 90 day fiancé franchise and her large fan base, as she has often been accused of both lying and being a negligent mother. After parting with her 90 day fiancé: the other way Co-star Jihoon Lee, Deavan has been accused of hiding the former couple’s son, Taeyang, from his father. Jihoon has been raising money on GoFundMe to launch a custody battle against her ex, while Deavan’s new boyfriend Topher Park has controversially referred to himself as Taeyang’s father on social media. While many people, including Deavan’s former friend Leida Margaretha, supported South Korean Jihoon, Deavan announced that her five-year-old daughter Drascilla was abused by Jihoon. The shocking and currently unverified allegations come as Deavan is currently in the middle of another drama.

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Deavan’s new announcement about her daughter’s alleged abuse came less than a day after she claimed she was taking a break from social media following allegations that she miscarried a previous pregnancy and described it as a miscarriage. for a story. It seems that his hiatus on social media was short-lived, as Deavan uploaded images of his daughter with the alleged abuse message. However, she infuriated fans by sharing a heavily edited photo of herself on her Instagram with the caption “My official statement on the ABUSE case 💔 #LinkInBio.“The post has since been removed, but not before a Reddit user shared a screenshot with the sub-Reddit r / 90dayfianceuncensored with the legend, “Elegant, using alleged ‘terrible abuse’ as clickbate [sic].The user went on to say that Deavan was showing the public how terrible and desperate she was as a mother and human by seemingly using her daughter’s alleged abuse as a tool to attract viewers. It appears that Deavan regretted her choice, as her Instagram post has since been removed, although Reddit users are unhappy with the mother for her current and past parenting options.

Deavan Clegg and Drascilla in 90 Day Fiancé

Fans were quick to comment on the Reddit post and dragged in Deavan, who has once again shared photos of herself on Instagram. “Some people are woefully professional victims,“wrote one person. Deavan has been accused in the past of victimizing herself in situations. Due to her unreliable record, many fans are hesitant to believe what she has to say. Another user commented:”Don’t support Deavan and his clickbait shit“Others accused Deavan of making false claims and abusing her ex-husband.”She emotionally beat him up by kidnapping his son and parading Taeyang with his “new father” for the past year.“One user commented on Deavan’s behavior towards Jihoon.

Users were also quick to express their belief that Deavan looks nothing like the photo of herself she used on her account. “you👏do👏no👏Look👏I like👏that,” commented one user. Such comments appear frequently in the 24-year-old’s Instagram comments. After receiving backlash from fans for months for denying photo editing, he recently came forward and admitted to editing his appearance in the photos. Some fans believe that the mother edits her face so completely that it becomes unrecognizable, which has prompted some people to ask “who is this?“in her comments. While Taeyang’s custody case gets even more complicated, fans urge the young mother to focus on her children’s well-being and not her social media fame.

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