90 Day Fiancé: Jess Caroline Explains Exactly How She Learns English

Amid disturbing claims from Larissa Lima and an imminent threat of deportation, Brazilian franchise star Jess, engaged in 90 days, maintains her sense of humor.

Brazilian redhead Jess Caroline is best known for dating Colt Johnson in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? after his divorce from Larissa Lima. After her breakup with Colt due to his cheating scandal, Jess wasted no time. She quickly moved on and married musician Brian Hanvey. While Colt and his mother Debbie believed that Jess was married for a green card, the fact that she could be deported has come to light. Maybe to keep your hopes high 90 day fiancé star Jess is learning English.

After constantly worrying about the presence of Colt’s best friend Vanessa Guerra (not to mention texting eight women at once), Jess dramatically broke up with the Vegas man as the cameras rolled. What followed was a dizzying story of Jess getting close to Larissa Lima. Through Larissa, she met another friend, Carmen. It was Carmen who introduced Jess to Brian. Like Jess, he is a vegetarian and loves music. Brian fell in love with Jess and married her in a few months, and this was revealed during a September 2020. Tell everyone episode. Michigan-based Brian soon moved to Las Vegas with Jess. It seems like they are living a happy life on Instagram. However, Larissa, who recently lashed out at Jess on her profile, alleges that Brian is a victim of domestic abuse. Additionally, the couple’s life story is being documented on the Discover + program. 90 day diaries, which hints at Jess’ deportation amid sponsorship problems.

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Looks like Brian had moved to Vegas with his 90 day fiancé wife Jess to find work, and initially they lived with Carmen. As Brian admitted that he did not have enough money to sponsor Jess’s visa, Carmen denied having paid for it. While Jess failing to get a green card to stay in the United States may mean eventual deportation to Brazil, he is still joking on social media. Colt’s ex-girlfriend posted a funny video on TikTok where she can be seen consulting her script for a phone call to a pizzeria. In the clip, which is titled “How do i learn english, ”Jess recites her lines. She says, “Hi, I’m Jess. I’m calling from room 343. And I’d like to order a pizza.. “However, when calling the number, Jess says:”Hello this pizza“Instead. Check out the fun clip below:

If I tell you this happened so many times that I lost count …90 day fiancé celebrity Jess Caroline He wrote in his Instagram caption while greeting his fans whose second language is English. “The struggle is real”He continued, and Jess’s comments have been inundated with rows of giggling emojis ever since. One 90 day fiancé the viewer writes, “Girl I’m American and I STILL do this, ”And a different comment read,“yes ok and calling the doctors and banks. “Some of Jess’s fans seem to be proud of her hard work and have praised the 90 day fiancé writing personality, “you go girl, “”You’re doing great, “Y “you will get there. “

While details about Jess’s future in America remain unclear, her fans will love the 90 day fiancé: happily ever after? star (who recently tried a strawberry blonde hair color) even if she has to return to Brazil.

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