Attack On Titan: 5 Anime Heroes Levi Could Beat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

The Captain of an elite group of scouts is largely responsible for Eren Yeager’s safety during the entirety of Attack on Titan. His skill as a warrior is still unmatched, even in a world populated by incredible beasts like Attack Titan and Colossal Titan.

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The only character in the Attack on Titan The anime that even threatens Levi is Eren Yeager, the show’s protagonist. Still, Levi has proven countless times that he can’t be ruled out, even against the threat of supernatural foes like the Titans. His ability to overcome supernatural threats makes Levi a fan-favorite character even though he’s not even the star of his own franchise. The following list compares Levi Ackerman to some of the strongest anime heroes.

10 Levi defeats Tanjiro (Demon Slayer) with his dominance of the ODM team

Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer

One of the most recent additions to the shonen anime, Murderer of demons, introduced Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko. Like the first season of Attack on Titan, Murderer of demons has reached a much larger audience than manga fans originally expected.

The confrontation between Levi and Tanjiro would be close. The young demon slayer has shown an incredible amount of strength, speed, durability, and adaptability in the first season of the anime. Still, Levi approaches battle with stone-cold efficiency that Tanjiro lacks. Fans may find Tanjiro’s empathy endearing, but it puts him at a huge disadvantage when facing someone like Levi Ackerman.

9 Goku (Dragon Ball) defeats Levi with his supernatural durability, speed and strength

Anime Dragon Ball Super Ultra Instinct Goku Aura

The question readers really should ask themselves when comparing Levi Ackerman to Goku is how far could Levi push the Saiyan before being outmatched by him.

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Goku has shown that regardless of the strength of his opponent, there is always another level of power he can reach to walk away as the victor. Whether Levi could push Goku past the early Super Saiyan levels has yet to be determined, but one thing is clear. Eventually, Goku would overpower Levi Ackerman and walk away from this showdown with another victory under his belt.

8 Levi defeats the guts (Berserk) with his ability like lightning

Berserk Guts Hundred Man Slayer

The protagonist of the bloody anime series Maddened he is an incredibly talented swordsman. At times, he even demonstrates the ability to push the limits of his human body beyond what fans believe is possible. Unfortunately, Gutz is still human, which means his speed and strength are outmatched by Levi Ackerman’s Titan-infused blood.

The battle between these two swordsmen would certainly be epic, and Guts might even have the upper hand with his advanced abilities. Unfortunately, Levi’s incredible speed and mobility with his ODM team give him the upper hand in this matchup.

7 Naruto defeats Levi with his jutsu

Naruto Uzumaki Seventh Hokage

Naruto and Levi may be equally matched in terms of physical strength thanks to Ackerman’s supernatural lineage, but even with his many years of experience fighting Titans, Levi has never faced anything quite like Naruto.

The Hokage has undergone a series of powerful and supernatural transformations that make Levi’s awakening seem like nothing. In fact, some fans of Attack on Titan They question the validity of the supernatural power of Ackerman’s awakening because it is never presented in the same way as the transformations of Naruto or Goku.

6 Levi defeats Luffy (One Piece) with slashing attacks and mobility

Luffy angry all over the cake island

Levi’s biggest advantage against most of his enemies is his mastery of the ODM gear he’s always equipped with. Your equipment offers you mobility that few can match. However, Luffy’s ability to use his arms as rubber bands nullifies this advantage.

Fortunately, mobility isn’t the only advantage Levi’s ODM team gives him against Luffy. While it’s true that Luffy could keep up with Levi in ‚Äč‚Äčterms of mobility, this also works the other way around. All Levi would have to do is rely on one of the many blades built into his ODM gear to take advantage of Luffy’s weakness to slashing attacks, and he would walk away from this battle as the victor.

5 Saitama (One Punch Man) defeats Levi because he is from his impenetrable plot armor

One Punch Man Saitama accidentally hits Speed-o-sound Sonic

There’s really no need to explain how Saitama would go about defeating Levi Ackerman. The Caped Baldy is faster, stronger and more durable than Levi, but the only thing that really matters in the world of One punch man it’s the clearly obvious plot armor that Saitama is wrapped in.

This type of plot armor exists in all anime, but Attack on Titan Y One punch man sit at different ends of the frame armor spectrum. In the first show, it sometimes feels like there is no plot armor, while in the second, the plot armor propels the story plot forward.

4 Levi beats Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan) because he’s been studying his weaknesses for years

The Eren Yeager that viewers have had the opportunity to see in the last season of Attack on Titan it’s a completely different beast than the one fans learned to love during the anime’s first three seasons. If Eren’s fourth season didn’t exist, Levi would easily dispatch Eren’s attacking titan in the same way that he dismantled Annie’s female titan in season one.

It has not yet been determined if Levi can defeat Eren’s Titan after he stole the Titan’s power from Warhammer, but it would be unwise for Eren to underestimate his former ally. Levi knows just about everything there is to know about Eren and has surely come up with a number of different strategies that he could use to defeat him if ever necessary.

3 Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail) defeats Levi with his Dragon Slayer magic

There are many different types of magic in the world of Fairy tale that would give Levi a tough time, but none are as powerful as Natsu Dragneel’s Dragon Slayer Magic.

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This kind of supernatural power is something that Levi would have no way of fighting his way through. Regardless of the strategy he relied on or his ability to tap into his ancestor’s combat experience, Natsu would end this fight whenever he decided to unleash the full force of his magic.

2 Levi defeats Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) with the use of stealth and strategy

The arsenal of metal that Edward Elric can equip at any time is impressive, but Levi demonstrated his ability to overcome technological advantages when he was surprised by Kenny Ackerman in season three of Attack on Titan.

Even when surprised by talented foes with technology more suited to the situation than what Levi had in his possession at the time, the most elite member of the scouts escaped the fight unscathed. At the end of the season, Levi proved that no matter what kind of technological disadvantage he finds himself in, he is capable of overcoming it.

one Gon (Hunter X Hunter) defeats Levi for his enhancement of Nen

Palm holds a knife against Gon

Gon Freecs has encountered several different enemies throughout the different arcs of hunter X hunter. It is true that he has not faced anyone like Levi Ackerman, but that does not mean that Gon is outmatched.

Levi has an incredible skill set and even demonstrates the ability to move in ways other humans cannot, but Gon Freecs is on a whole different level in terms of pushing the limits of human physicality. Before even dominating Nen, Gon is stronger and faster than Levi. If fans add Gon’s ability to improve his offensive and defensive capabilities with Nen, Levi doesn’t stand a chance.

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