Bachelorette Season 17 – Katie Thurston Key Facts: Job, Hometown, Age, Net Worth and More

Bachelor season 25 star Katie Thurston may step into Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ shoes as The Bachelorette, according to Reality Steve spoilers.

TikTok viral queen Katie Thurston made a grand entrance on The Bachelor Red carpet 2021 with a vibrator and his wit. But while Katie may not have made it to the end of Matt James, Reality Steve has revealed that she may be next. Bachelorette party. So who is Katie, when she’s not being the rightful savior of The Bachelor season 25 while spreading the message of sexual positivity and empowerment in Matt’s season? Here’s everything you need to know about the rumored season 17 Bachelorette party Katie – From her job to her age, hometown, net worth, Instagram, and more.

All Katie needed was to bring a shiny dildo to The BachelorNemacolin to get both contestants and viewers talking about her. Creating controversy may have seemed Katie’s strong suit in episode one, but she was the one who wore the real crown (sorry Victoria Larson) when it came to confronting bullies or being vulnerable in Matt’s house. The frank Single The girl went from beating shoulders with dildos to giving Sarah Trott a shoulder to cry on, and the newcomers, a defender in no time. Surely, Katie is being pitched by fans to become the next Bachelorette party after Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams it was not a surprise. And it seems like all of Katie’s fan-made videos and memes High school by season 17 it may be coming true if Steve Women say it all the rumor turns out to be true.

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For Katie, whose idea of ​​a fun date is getting naked, The Bachelor it was a platform to find “a mature man who has the ambition to succeed in everything he does. “Your official ABC Bio claims that Katie, 30, knows exactly what she wants in a man and hopes to host her own talk show one day. And judging by The Bachelor Star’s TikTok, one can certainly see why. It was a video from May 2020 where Katie talked about pooping (herself) at work that put her in the viral spotlight, giving @ventwithkative more than 250,000 followers and 1.4 million likes even before her Single fame. Interestingly, the “WorkplaceWhat Katie mentions in the video is where the future Bachelorette party it is also where you really earn a living.

Katie, a native of Renton, Washington, works as a marketing manager for a bank. In an Instagram story, where The Bachelor star Katie thurston now boasts over 259,000 followers, he had mentioned what it was like “super uncomfortable“So she knows that her co-workers will now see a”non-working versionOf herself. The probable 2021 Bachelorette party appears to be a private person otherwise, with no information on his net worth available yet, but based on Glass doorKatie’s average total salary could be around $ 104,000.

While little is known about Katie’s family, she had opened up about her father’s death in 2012 in a conversation with Sarah. “I missed goodbye to my dad. I would never want that for you, ”Katie had confessed, without sharing any more details of her heartbreaking past. However, in a recent Instagram post of her birthday on January 2, where Katie mentions her current location as Seattle, she talked about the life that is “too short to be unsatisfied. ” The Bachelor celeb wrote: “Last year, I finally unapologetically loved who I am. I lost people on the way. And that’s fine. We are not meant to please everyone. “

But Katie mentioned that she “excited“To bring all of his fans into the future, possibly hinting at his next trip in the Bachelorette party 2021. From Reality Steve’s tweet about Katie announced as the next Bachelorette party, the social media sensation posted a cryptic IG story that read: “reading my texts this morning as news to me.“Could it be that Katie doesn’t actually end up turning High school eventually leaving a trail of broken hearts in its wake?

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