Batman Beyond is still Bruce Wayne’s most hopeful ending

Bruce Wayne’s future is generally predicted to be bleak, but the Batman Beyond animated series and its comic sequels gave it a happier ending.

There’s no shortage of stories outlining Batman’s future, and few of them end well for Bruce Wayne. The future presented by the beloved animated series Batman Beyond and the comics that followed are an exception. Batman BeyondBruce definitely still has his demons, but he also lives a happy life, and maybe even a happy one. He forges an intense bond with the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, makes peace with former members of the Bat-Family, and his and Terry’s heroics inspire a new generation of crime fighters. Batman BeyondThe Gotham version is relatively functional as well, proving that Bruce succeeded in his mission to keep the city safe.

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The animated series begins by showing Bruce’s final mission as Batman. Set 20 years before the rest of the series, the sequence demonstrates that the effects of aging have rendered Bruce unable to effectively operate as Batman. He first meets Terry when the latter runs into Wayne Manor while being chased by members of the Jokerz, a Joker-inspired street gang. Bruce helps Terry fight the gang members, but he begins to have another attack, and Terry helps him return home to take his medication. Terry ends up accidentally finding the entrance to the Batcave and Bruce kicks him out. But when Terry’s father is murdered, as part of a conspiracy involving the new director of Wayne Enterprises, he turns to Bruce for help. Bruce initially reacts cruelly when Terry steals the new high-tech Bat-suit to track down the killers, and almost lets him die, but eventually helps him get justice. After Terry shows his potential, Bruce takes him on as an assistant and secretly begins training him as the new Batman.

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Bruce and Terry often disagreed, but they also quickly morphed into a very effective crime-fighting team and Bruce clearly began to view his young successor as a surrogate son. A controversial episode of Unlimited justice league He would later reveal that Terry was, in fact, Bruce’s biological son. Bruce and Terry’s activities also led Bruce to reconnect with his former colleagues, despite past frictions. Barbara Gordon is Gotham’s new police commissioner and is happily married. He is initially opposed to Terry taking on the role of Batman, but eventually respects him and acts as his police contact. Bruce and Barbara’s relationship on the series is complicated by their short romantic history, but they still deeply care and support each other.

In Batman Beyond, Dick Grayson became the mayor of Blüdhaven, and he and Bruce were shown to be improving their relationship, despite lingering tension over what happened to Bruce and Barbara. This is in stark contrast to other visions of the future for Bruce and Dick, in which their relationship is often presented as much more antagonistic. In The dark knight strikes again, Dick transformed into a superhuman version of the Joker and killed several superheroes, before Bruce left him for dead. Likewise, Tim Drake was angry with Bruce for a long time in Batman Beyond, but after Terry saved him from the Joker’s brainwashing, Bruce went to visit him at the hospital, with the implication that they would reconcile.

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Besides bringing peace to the old Bat-Family, Batman Beyond also started a new one. In the TV series, Terry’s friend Max Gibson helps him with the investigation and gives him mechanical advice, and Terry once jokingly referred to her as his Alfred. In the comics, Terry’s brother Matt served as Robin for a time, and Dick Grayson’s daughter Elainna began operating as Batwoman after she was featured in Dan Jurgens, Cully Hammer, and Marco Santucci. Batman Beyond # 25 in 2018. A young woman named Nissa also served as the new Batgirl.

Due to this plethora of new heroes, Gotham of Batman Beyond it is much more functional than those of other timelines. Neo-Gotham, as it’s called, has its share of troubles and villains, but it’s still a civilized place overall and a far cry from the dystopian and post-apocalyptic nightmares shown in stories like “Batman in Bethlehem” and “The Last Knight. on earth”. . “This improved state of the city has an uplifting effect on Bruce’s state of mind, which in turn leads him to do a better job of protecting it.

The reverse of this is depicted in many other stories, in which the decaying state of Gotham leads Bruce down dark paths, which in turn makes the city worse. Kevin Conroy, who voiced the famous Batman BeyondBruce, appears in one of those stories. The live-action Bruce he played in the television adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths, had become a ruthless tyrant after years of tragedy. Contrasting this and other similar stories with Batman Beyond illustrates why the latter is so special. Batman Beyond managed to find a balance between continuing to draw on film noir and similar dark influences while presenting a hopeful take on Gotham and Bruce Wayne’s afterlife, ultimately making for a hopeful possible future for Bruce Wayne and everyone around him. .

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