Best Documentaries on Hulu Right Now (Feb 2021)

While Hulu used to be best known for its TV shows, while Netflix was the darling for movie options, the streaming service has taken great strides to change that. Today, Hulu it is home to an incredible selection of films, especially documentaries. By offering options for customers of all interests, Hulu has found a way to become a one-stop destination for those looking for incredible non-fiction stories. With so many options now, we’ve determined the best Hulu documentaries for you, making sure you can settle in and relax with ease.

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Framing Britney Spears

A still from Framing Britney Spears

Image via Hulu

Framing Britney Spears It is not a traditional feature film documentary, it is part of an ongoing series of television documentaries presented by The New York Times, but it is a must see nonetheless. Forget what you think you know Britney Spears or your situation, through investigative reports and interviews, Framing Britney Spears sheds light on the pop star’s rapid rise to stardom, but also on the misogyny and prejudice with which the media covered Spears as she entered adulthood. The documentary is apparently about the Free Britney movement, as it covers the ins and outs of how Spears first came under a guardianship controlled by her father, and why the situation is unique and may very well be detrimental to Spears and her well-being. It’s a revealing look at a celebrity who, until now, has been framed in our minds through paparazzi and gossip magazine / TV coverage, and the documentary does a tremendous job of forcing you to rethink the way the media They feature celebrities and their “downfalls.” – Adam chitwood

Too much fun to fail

Too much fun to fail Dana Carvey

Image via Hulu

Director: Josh Greenbaum

The editorial staff of The Dana Carvey Show is the stuff of legend, and the refreshingly candid documentary Too much fun to fail takes an in-depth look at the highly anticipated launch and incredibly fast failure of the short-lived sketch program. Interviews with Dana Carvey, Steve Carell, Stephen ColbertY Robert Smigel Illuminate the pressure that Carvey was under coming out of SNL, the confidence with which they launched The Dana Carvey Showand how they dealt with negative press and falling audience ratings. This documentary makes no attempt to sugarcoat anything or paint the failed series with pink lenses, which makes it even more revealing. – Adam chitwood

Apollo 11


Image via CNN Films and NEON

Director: Todd Douglas Miller

Todd Douglas Miller marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing with a riveting documentary that takes you straight back to 1969 when the world watched the pinnacle of human achievement. Obviously, everything was extensively documented at the time, but Miller and his team did an incredible job of restoring the footage to look flawless and immediate. He then weaves it all together by removing the talking heads and narration and instead relies solely on editing and timestamps to get you as close to the mission as possible. Apollo 11 It’s a fascinating journey from start to finish that may not be as extensive as other documentaries, but it is perhaps the most immediate look at NASA’s landmark achievement. – Matt goldberg

Johnathan’s Amazing Documentary


Image via Hulu

Director: Benjamin Berman

The less you know about Johnathan’s Amazing Documentary all the better, as this is a story full of crazy twists and turns. But briefly, the film follows the documentary maker Benjamin BermanThe quest to locate the iconic comedian / magician John Szeles, aka The Amazing Johnathan. Berman wants to make a movie about The Amazing Johnanthan and what he’s been up to in the years since he headlined shows in Las Vegas, but twist after twist after twist to create a hilarious and emotional story “stranger than fiction.” – Adam chitwood

Take care of the gap


Image via Hulu

Director: Bing liu

The incredible documentary Take care of the gap tells the life of three young men who grew up in Rockford, Illinois and who have a passion for skateboarding. But as we quickly learn in the first part of the film, skating is much more than a hobby – it is an outlet for anger, frustration, and despair. Bing liuThe document perfectly sums up what it is like to be forced to grow up when you may not have the experience or maturity to do so, and how the cycle of abuse is perpetuated by both internal and external factors. Somehow it’s like a real life Childhood, as you truly come to love these three young men and take an interest in their well-being. This is a mandatory tour. – Adam chitwood



Image via Sundance Institute

Directors: Betsy West and Julie Cohen

Another incredibly inspiring woman: Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This film serves as a compelling look at the life of one of the most remarkable women of our time. At the age of 86, Ginsburg still serves on the United States Supreme Court fighting for justice, as he has done since his 1993 appointment. RBG plunges into her life with tales from those who know her, before and after she became such a popular icon, the Notorious RBG.

Boy fraud


Image via Hulu

Directors: Jenner Furst and Julia Willough by Nason

There is total chaos and then there are the events that occurred during the Fyre Festival. Through a series of promotional efforts, Billy McFarland showed that this festival in the Bahamas was going to be legendary. Well, it was, but not for the reasons it promised. Instead, thousands of people were stranded in the Bahamas and locals were not paid for their services. Hulu’s version of the story, Boy fraud, tells the story of how he came to be, interviewing McFarland (now a convicted con artist), and many others directly involved with the festival planning and poor execution.

Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie

Image via Hulu

Director: Andrea Blaugrund Nevins

Few toys are as controversial as Barbie. For one thing, it’s a fun, classic doll for kids to play with. On the other hand, its proportions are completely inaccurate and it has been seen to promote an unhealthy sense of self. Through Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie, these storylines and many others are explored, along with Barbies for six decades in circulation.



Image via National Geographic

Director: Meeting tomorrow

While Jane goodallWorking with chimpanzees has shaped itself in many ways over the years, Jane It’s unique. In it, director Meeting tomorrow takes a more intimate look at Goodall’s life and her early years working in Tanzania, as well as a look at her relationship with her husband and cameraman, Hugo van Lawick. It’s an interesting look at the creation of Jane Goodall as she is known today and certainly a must-see for anyone who is fascinated with her history.

The first Monday in May

Image via Hulu

Director: Andrew Rossi

Few events are as discussed and exclusive as the annual Met Gala. As the title suggests, on the first Monday in May each year, tickets are reserved for top celebrities, designers, and donors. It coincides with the opening of the new fashion show at the Met, always an extraordinary show to see. This documentary takes viewers behind the scenes to create the exhibition and produce and run the gala.

Three identical strangers

Image via Neon

Director: Tim wardle

Three identical strangers follows the story of Bobby, Eddy and David, triplets who were separated at birth only to meet at the age of 19 in a fortuitous event. After meeting, the three of them became internet celebrities, making rounds on talk shows and even opening a restaurant. In the movie, this initial encounter is shown and then comes the story of what happened next, which is incredibly unexpected and downright disturbing. It is a fascinating watch that deeply examines the debate between nature and nurture.

Away from the tree

away from the tree

Image via Sundance Selects

Director: Rachel Dretzin

With a deeply ingrained lesson of accepting each and every person for who they are, Away from the tree provides an intimate look at families in which society has considered one member to be different or not normal. It’s an important movie for all to see as a reminder that the things that people often define themselves by are the characteristics that are least exemplary of their true nature.

Dior and me


Image via The Orchard

Director: Frédéric Tcheng

For anyone who absolutely loves creation and design, this is a must see. Dior and me follows Raf Simons as director of the famous fashion house Dior as he completes and displays his first haute couture line for the brand. It’s a rare look under the skirt of such a prestigious company and serves to remind viewers that nothing is as glamorous as it seems.

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