Tsunagu Hakamada, better known as Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist, is an extremely powerful pro-hero in My hero academia. Starting at rank four, behind Hawks, Endeavor, and All Might, he is currently number three pro-hero. For someone with a complicated Quirk like his, it is clear that it has taken him years to reach the level of mastery required to be a significant power in Japan.

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For the most part, Best Jeanist doesn’t appreciate people who are rude or refuse to live up to societal expectations because it strongly holds that being a hero takes much more than being strong. In fact, this is why he does not hesitate when All For One’s actions threaten the lives of his friends – a heroic act for which he pays a heavy price.

10 Best Jeanist is dead?

Although the best Jeanist, Mt. Lady and Gang Orca manage to contain the Nomu, they quickly encounter an invincible adversary, All For One himself. He uses his Fiber Quirk against the villain, which honestly would have worked against anyone else, but it fails here.

All For One then claims that he is not interested in stealing his Quirk, given its complexity of use, but seriously injures the Pro-Hero before All Might distracts him. Best Jeanist survives, but only reappears much later in the manga.

9 Have you recovered from your battle against all for one?

Technically speaking, Best Jeanist was easy on both the Quirk and life fronts because most heroes tend to lose both to All For One. However, he goes on a kind of extended sabbatical, which Hawks uses to deceive. to the League of Villains making them believe that he has died.

It is later revealed that Best Jeanist has unfortunately lost one of his lungs in battle, and the damage is so intense that Recovery Girl cannot fix it, much less standard medicine.

8 Has your outfit changed?

Best Jeanist is 6’3 ”, one of the tallest professional heroes, and much of this height is due to his elongated neck. As such, she covers herself in denim from nose to toe, presumably hiding the lower half of her face for cosmetic reasons.

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The top of Best Jeanist’s hero outfit extends into a massive neckline (which has a belt around it for some reason). When she returns to action in the Paranormal Liberation War, the blue of her denim is much deeper than before.

7 Do you have buddies?

The short answer to this question is: yes, Best Jeanist has colleagues who work with him in the Genius Office. However, his identities are unknown, except that he has at least five of them: a young teenager in casual clothing, a man in an Ingenium-like mask, and three other indecipherable appearances.

Bakugo meets with them during his stint as an intern at Best Jeanist, but they are clearly not considered important enough to be told the reason for his mentor’s disappearance.

6 How powerful is he?

As the third ranked pro hero in the country, there is no question that Best Jeanist is extremely strong in all aspects of his job. Along with his spectacular Quirk, he displays a power that almost rivals that of the Hawks and Endeavor.

For example, not only does he survive All For One, but he successfully defeats giants like Gigantomachia (and keeps him on the ground for a considerable duration). Additionally, Best Jeanist has proven his combat versatility on many occasions, such as when he defeats six villains on his own.

5 How does your gift work?

Best Jeanist’s Quirk, known as Fiber Master, is exceptionally powerful, but only in his highly experienced and disciplined hands (which explains why All For One turned it down). It exerts a psychokinetic force on everything that is made up of fibers, which is basically all kinds of fabric.

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Interestingly, the Best Jeanist can also handle strange varieties of material, such as carbon fiber, which is impressive to say the least. However, for the most part, he only wears threads from his hero outfit.

4 Does its peculiarity have limitations?

Anime My Hero Academia Best Jeanist Fiber Attack

As with any other Quirk, Best Jeanist also has a few downsides: One of them is the type of clothing that is controlled, as it can operate effortlessly in denim, but suede (or sweatshirts) are considerably more difficult.

Another restriction placed on Fiber Master is based on the amount of textiles usable in the environment, as well as the great amount of care required to maintain its elaborate attacking and defensive tapestries.

3 Is it coming to Bakugo?

Best Jeanist offers Bakugo the opportunity to intern with him, planning to knock down the boy’s ego some pegs after his victory in the UA tournament. Obviously, this doesn’t seem to work, because your student is too aggressive to let sense creep into his head.

However, after Best Jeanist’s triumphant return, Bakugo informs him that he has taken his words seriously, especially regarding the hero name he should choose for himself. Of course, he goes with Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, which his mentor quickly calls “childish.”

2 What are your super moves?

Best Jeanist Blackout Binding

Best Jeanist has shown only one Super Move to date, but a hero of his level is sure to have a lot more up his sleeve. During the Paranormal Liberation War, he employs Blackout Bind on Mr. Compress, Spinner, and Tomura Shigaraki, in which he wraps their throats in carbon fibers.

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He then proceeds to gently suffocate them until they lose consciousness. It’s amazing that he can accomplish a feat on extremely powerful combatants without causing permanent damage.

one What is the meaning of your name?

Best Jeanist’s civil name, Tsunagu Hakamada, includes 袴, which refers to “a man’s formal split skirt” in traditional Japan. The kanji 維, on the other hand, could mean a variety of things, from “bind” to “preserve” and “protect.”

In both cases, the terms belong to the character’s Quirk, since it relates to anything based on the cloth. His hero name, Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired.

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