Bling Empire: See How Much Baby G Has Grew Since The Show Was Filmed

Baby G has captivated Bling Empire fans. This adorable little boy has the wardrobe of a true fashionista, thanks to his elegant mom, Christine Chiu.

It’s been two years since Baby G stood in front of him Bling Empire film crew from the first season. The little boy, whose name is Gabriel, was the little companion of his mother Christine Chiu throughout the season. He even participated in fashion photo shoots with her. Now that the cameras have stopped filming and viewers have made it through the premiere season, they have taken to social media to see where the cast members, including Baby G.

Bling Empire is the latest binge-worthy reality TV series from Netflix. Follow some of the richest and most fabulous Asian and Asian American elites in Los Angeles. Often known as the real life version of Crazy Rich Asians, crossed with the best reality shows like Selling Sunset, this blingtastic series offers a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous, with a hint of family ties and tradition. Bling Empire Was created by KUWTK producer Jeff Jenkins, and the series has a cast of attractive members, including Baby G and his family. His parents are the aforementioned Christine and the senior plastic surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Chiu.

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Baby G is often the star of the show, just in terms of turning heads with her sheer cuteness. When the show began filming in 2019, it was only a few months old. He was still in the infant stage and wore diapers. She enjoyed tummy time and sat in fancy little cars during photo shoots. Her chubby baby cheeks were the finishing touch to her elegant couture baby outfits. See the baby in a fancy suit below:

After two years, the little baby begins to look less like a baby and more like a child. Enjoy lots of physical activity, like running and jumping. He plays with soccer balls and enjoys time outside … and sometimes sticks his tongue out. Her mother, fashion icon Christine, has noticed how much she has grown amid the pandemic. The family has been spending more time at home lately, like most people, making it easier for her beloved mother to notice even the most subtle changes. Watch him with his mom below:

While it has been hinted at, there has been no official confirmation that Netflix subscribers will receive a Bling Empire the second season. If they do, it will be wonderful to see Baby G again. He’s not a baby anymore, but he’s just as cute as ever.

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Bling Empire now airing on Netflix.

Sources: Christine Chiu / Instagram

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