Booksmart: Why Gigi Is The Funniest Character In The Movie (And 5 Alternatives)

Played by Billie Lourd, the spirited Gigi is the rising star of Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart. But Gigi isn’t the only funny character in the teen movie.

When Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut Smart booking hit theaters in 2019, it was lauded as a breath of fresh air in the stale high school comedy genre. Wilde gave all the worn-out tropes of coming-of-age stories a makeover and got rid of all the problematic entirely. Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever present the film as one of the most compelling best friend pairs to ever exist.

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The funniest character in the movie is the seemingly invincible Gigi, played by Billie Lourd, who manages to be everywhere at once. But, while Gigi is Smart bookingHe is the funniest character, the movie has a lot to offer.

10 Gigi is the funniest – she’s totally unpredictable

Billie Lourd at Booksmart

The funniest thing about Gigi is that she is totally unpredictable. In almost all of his screen appearances, he appears unexpectedly and your conversations can quickly turn into yelling if someone says the wrong thing to him.

Emerging Characters in Comedy Movies – Brick in Anchorman, Alan in The hangover, Les Grossman in Tropical thunder, etc – are the ones who constantly surprise audiences, and that’s Gigi.

9 Alternative: Principal Brown

Jason Sudeikis at Booksmart

Jason Sudeikis put on a hilarious performance as Amy and Molly’s principal, Principal Brown, who cares less about the direction of the school than they do. Midway through the movie, they learn that your main moonlights as a Lyft driver.

After launching his novel about a pregnant cop straight out of r / menwritingwomenYou unknowingly play the girls’ adult movie through your car’s Bluetooth speaker.

8 Gigi is the funniest: Billie Lourd’s performance is completely uninhibited

Billie Lourd as Gigi at Booksmart

Gigi is a brilliantly written role, but what really makes her memorable is the performance of Billie Lourd. Her turn as Gigi is completely uninhibited, which does wonders for the character.

There is no visible attempt to be funny that can be seen from a mile away; Lourd simply embodies this quirky character with complete confidence.

7 Alternative: Charmaine & Doug

Will Forte and Lisa Kudrow at Booksmart

Technically, Amy’s parents, Charmaine and Doug, are two characters, but they always appear together and Lisa Kudrow and Will Forte bounce in a fun way.

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Whether they’re hinting that they think Amy and Molly are secretly dating or snuggling with their daughter’s “beloved” panda stuffed animal, Charmaine and Doug always bring a ton of embarrassing humor to the table.

6 Gigi is the funniest: she’s more complex than she looks

Gigi at Olivia Wilde's Booksmart

While Gigi’s onscreen appearances are reserved for laugh-out-loud moments, she’s more complex than it sounds. When Molly talks to Jared about Gigi, he completes his characterization.

He says, “He’s a sad person, you know? And yes, she may be a little crazy, but she is the most loyal person I have ever met. I mean, he once tried to stab our postman because he thought he was laughing at me. Turns out it wasn’t. He wasn’t laughing at me at all. He was just looking at a meme on his phone. “

5 Alternative: Jared

Jared at Booksmart

Skyler Gisondo has quickly made a name for herself with roles in Holidays, Santa Clarita dietY Check your enthusiasm. He was hilarious in all of those projects, so it’s no wonder he’s great at Smart booking, too.

Jared is a rich boy who is determined to buy the friendship of the popular group with a luxurious yacht party. He wears a T-shirt with a picture of himself and hopes his classmates will wear it too.

4 Gigi is the funniest: she steals every scene she’s in

Kaitlyn Dever and Billie Lourd at Booksmart

Like all of the more memorable supporting characters in comedies, Gigi steals every scene she’s in. Whenever she appears, the public’s attention is immediately drawn to her.

It’s not easy to steal the attention of two lead actors who are as perfectly matched as Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever, but Billie Lourd did it.

3 Alternative: Amy

Amy at Booksmart

If it weren’t for Gigi, the lead roles of Amy and Molly would easily be the funniest characters in the movie, and many of the biggest laughs come from the comical interplay between the well-matched stars. Thanks to Dever and Feldstein’s tangible friendship, scenes like “Who let you be so beautiful?” they are infinitely nice.

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Amy is the more uncomfortable of the two. She even throws up on her partner during their first sexual encounter, which is as humiliating as it sounds.

2 Gigi is the funniest – her ability to be everywhere gets funnier every time she shows up

Gigi at Booksmart

The running joke with Gigi is that she is somehow everywhere at once. After Amy and Molly see her jump out of a boat into the ocean, she’s at the next party before them, completely dry.

Every time Gigi manages to defy physics to show up somewhere, the prank gets even funnier. Amy and Molly are increasingly in awe of his invincibility.

one Alternative: Molly

Molly at Booksmart

In the opening ceremony of Smart bookingMolly is horrified to find that she gave up all the high school fun for nothing because the popular kids who partied all year long got into the same prestigious schools as her and Amy.

So Molly is determined to have one last night of fun before graduation, leading the duo to all sorts of hysterical antics.

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