Breaking Bad Y Crazy men are two of the most popular and critically acclaimed television shows of all time, and both thrive on having incredible characters. The characters are at the completely opposite ends of the spectrum actually, with those of Breaking Bad be involved in the world of crime. Meanwhile, Mad Men the characters are seen as more honest citizens, who thrive in the world of advertising.

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However, relationships are part of both shows, and while the characters may not be in similar settings, the personalities of the characters make it easy to match. Within these two shows, there are some characters that would clearly blend in well, while others just wouldn’t make good romantic partners.

10 Would work: Jane Margolis and Don Draper

Jane - Don

Don Draper has countless relationships throughout his time in Crazy men, including two marriages, so there is no doubt that she would work her charm with him Breaking Bad characters too. One character that would likely catch your eye is Jane Margolis, who hangs out with Jesse Pinkman throughout the show.

She may not necessarily seem like a perfect match due to the fact that she is a drug addict. However, Don seems to gravitate towards broken souls, and this relationship would be similar to his with Midge. Jane may not be perfect, but Don would be thrilled by her unpredictability and interesting conversations.

9 It wouldn’t work: Saul Goodman and Faye Miller

Faye Miller and Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman is someone who has good intentions at heart, although he can be quite a stretch at times. However, while he goes out of his way with people and is a kind person, Saul is also someone who gets into a lot of dangerous situations at work and tries to hide his true self with his confident personality.

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Thanks to Faye Miller’s work, she could see everything about Saul. She likes putting on a show, and that’s something that just wouldn’t work with Faye, who’s better suited to being with someone a little smarter who could provide some more engaging conversations.

8 Would work: Lydia Rodarte-Quayle and Megan Draper

Lydia - Megan

Both Lydia and Megan are two characters who end up joining their respective shows later in the series, and they would certainly work well as romantic partners. They are both incredibly motivated and passionate people, eager to impress and climb the ladder of their respective career worlds, which could be one reason they would connect well.

Megan proves to be quite a free spirit inside Crazy men, and although Lydia is the opposite of that, they say opposites attract. Don is pretty uptight too, so it’s clearly something that doesn’t cause Megan any problems, and together they would be the perfect match.

7 It wouldn’t work: Skyler White and Pete Campbell

White - Campbll

Pete Campbell is someone who can’t be trusted, and that’s something that would ultimately lead to him and Skyler White not working out. Skyler is a very smart and strong person, and she is not someone who is willing to be taken for a fool.

Pete doesn’t treat Trudy very well throughout the series, and that’s something Skyler just wouldn’t tolerate. She is smart enough to be able to understand a situation and would act, probably in the form of revenge in her own right.

6 Would it work: Walter White Jr. and Sally Draper

Walter White Jr - Sally Draper

Walter White Jr and Sally Draper are children of the main characters and it really is shown that they develop throughout the course of the show. They would potentially be great partners as they go through very similar family situations, they are both disappointed in their parents, and they are not shy about making their opinions known.

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They are very confident characters that show that and become even more positive as the series progresses. They are both very funny and can also be affectionate, even if they are a bit brusque at times. However, putting them together could certainly work.

5 It wouldn’t work: Jesse Pinkman and Peggy Olson


Jesse Pinkman and Peggy Olson are two of the main characters on their respective shows, but they wouldn’t make good partners. They are both too stubborn to be able to work together as this would only lead to countless arguments between them.

Peggy is incredibly motivated and doesn’t really have time to commit to relationships, while Jesse likes to have a deep connection, as he does with Jane. Also, Jesse’s messy and laid-back way of life is something Peggy probably wouldn’t accept.

4 Would work: Gale Boetticher and Salvatore Romano

Gale - Sav

Salvatore Romano hides his true self in everything Crazy men, mainly because he worries about being embarrassed. However, if he was to find love from the Breaking Bad world, then Gale Boetticher seems to be a perfect fit in a relationship that would certainly work out well.

Salvatore is a very creative mind, be it with his drawing or with his food. He’s someone who has a real zest for life, and that’s exactly the same with Gale. Putting them together would certainly create some fantastic conversations and some real excitement for both of you, so they would work well together.

3 It wouldn’t work: Marie Schrader and Roger Sterling

Marie - Roger

Marie Schrader is the exact type of character that would get Roger Sterling’s attention, but that doesn’t mean they would necessarily function as an item. Marie is someone who would certainly appeal to Roger, as he likes wealthy women who show a sense of confidence.

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However, the reality of their relationship would not work. Roger is better suited to someone who is a bit more free-spirited, which is not the case with Marie. She likes to be in control of every situation and this would only cause tension between them.

2 Would work: Hank Schrader and Joan Holloway

Hank - Joan

Joan Holloway is incredibly unlucky in love Crazy men, even though he is an incredibly successful person in his career. She is looking for someone who has a steady job and can support her, and that is where Hank Schrader would be an ideal partner.

She has a fantastic job and could provide and pamper Joan, making her feel special and desired. Hank is someone Joan can trust and is not someone who would hurt her like other characters do, making them a great couple together.

one It wouldn’t work: Walter White and Betty Draper

Walter White - Betty Draper

Two of the main characters who are truly family oriented people may seem like a good fit on paper. However, Walter White and Betty Draper would be terrible together. Betty has real trust issues and is someone who likes to feel special and protected, which is something Walter couldn’t bring along.

Walter before Breaking Bad He might be an ideal partner for Betty, but the man who becomes Heisenberg would not be a good partner for Betty. He brings many dangers into the life of his family, which Betty is not strong enough to deal with, plus, Walter is someone that Betty just can’t trust, which is what ultimately ends her relationship with Don.

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