Persona 5 Strikers brings the Phantom Thieves back for another adventure, but is knowledge of the original game required to jump?

Person has seen a lot of spin-offs over the years, from the 2D fighting game Persona 4 Arena to the dungeon crawling adventures of Person Q. The last thing in that chain is Persona 5 Strikers, an adaptation of Koei Tecmo that combines Person with the fast-paced massive battlefields of Warrior dynasty.

While it may have similarities, Strikers it’s much more than just Dynasty Warriors persona and it feels more like a real action RPG. Person 5 Strikers falls into a strange position, however, as it is more directly related to the original game than something like Person Q, which tells a completely separate story.

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This will obviously leave some, like Warrior dynasty fans, wondering if they need to have played all Person 5 understand the Strikers. The original Person 5 it’s an absurdly long game, but the good news is that you don’t need to know the original to enjoy it Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers doesn’t require any knowledge of the original, but it helps

Persona 5 Strikers is less a spin-off and more a direct sequel to Person 5, but that doesn’t mean that players can’t jump directly. Nothing in the story of the new game is directly related to the original, outside of a few minor references and details. The story begins six months after the end of Person 5, with the group leaving for summer vacations. Please note that no play Person 5 means that players won’t meet Phantom Thieves as well, and Persona 5 Strikers It really builds on the character development that happened in the first game. The story is about the party’s friendship that endures beyond all, so there is a lot of context that the original adds to the experience. Still, it is not absolutely necessary.

The other big question is whether players should pass Person 5 Royal, the enhanced edition of Person 5 launched in 2020. The good news is that Person 5 Royal has absolutely nothing to do with the history of Strikers. Real it has an additional third semester added to the end that is totally separate. Strikers is a sequel to the original “vanilla” Person 5, so players need not worry about needing knowledge of Real bbefore jumping. Note, of course, that Strikers it’s quite a different experience that lacks the social simulation of the main games and changes the combat entirely action-RPG.

Persona 5 Strikers launches February 23 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Anyone who pre-orders the Digital Deluxe Edition will have early access on February 19.

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