CD Projekt Red warns former employees about data security after hack

CD Projekt warned former staff to be more cautious after yesterday’s cyberattack, suggesting they use fraud alerts.

CD Projekt Red, the developer of Cyberpunk 2077, has issued a warning to former studio employees to be more cautious following the ransomware cyberattack it revealed yesterday. The company has faced mounting criticism in recent months after the release of its latest game, and fans and critics have pointed out the numerous issues that are plaguing the console version of Cyberpunk 2077 in particular. These issues have gained so much attention that even the Polish government is monitoring the situation as the company tries to address them.

CD Projekt revealed yesterday that a hacker had illegally accessed its servers. The attacker also left a ransom note stating that they would release the source code and send confidential documents to journalists if their demands for payment were not met. The company refused to pay any ransom and instead restored its data from backups and informed authorities before making the public announcement about the cyber attack. It is currently unclear exactly who was responsible or exactly what data they may have accessed.

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CD Projekt Red has followed the announcement of its parent company CD Projekt with a warning to former employees. Speaking in a Tweet below the opening message, the developer notes that he has no evidence that personal data has been accessed. However, he recommends that former employees enable fraud alerts and exercise extra caution until more information is revealed. Those with concerns are urged to contact CD Projekt’s privacy team using the email included in the Tweet below. The company had previously suggested that the attacker was unlikely to have accessed player and employee data.

CD Projekt isn’t the only gaming company that has been hit by cyberattacks in recent times. In January, Capcom suffered a major data breach that exposed a large collection of private information. This included previously unannounced projects, source code, employee data, and screenshots and footage of projects currently in development. The attackers also stole information about Capcom’s partners, exposing up to 400,000 outside parties to risk.

Considering all the bad publicity CD Projekt has suffered recently, the last thing it needed was a malicious cyberattack. However, the company appears to have handled the situation positively and has apparently done everything possible to warn anyone who might have been affected as soon as possible.

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Source: CD Projekt Red

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