‘Cherry’ taught Tom Holland not to treat addiction as a criminal offense

After a wildly successful debut in the MCU, Tom Holland has set his sights on hard-hitting, dramatic roles by Antonio Campos. The devil all the time to the next Cherry, which tells the story of a war veteran who returns home suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and goes on a life of crime to support his opioid addiction. In an interview with Esquire, Holland revealed that his experiences making Cherry It taught him some important things about what is wrong with society’s attitude toward addiction.

“I think the first hurdle [to dealing with the opioid addiction crisis] it would be to stop treating addicts like criminals. People can be addicted to substances for various reasons, and it is tragic when it happens. And yes, that person has made a mistake using heroin. But a lot of times, especially here in America, someone goes to a doctor, and a doctor is supposed to be the person who makes you feel safe and healthy, and they say, ‘I’m really fighting PTSD,’ or, ‘I’m really fighting. the pain in my back ‘or’ I’m really struggling; I can’t sleep at night. ‘ [People with substance-use disorder should be] treated and helped … And I believe that companies that sell drugs to people who are suffering must be held accountable for their actions, “he said. Tom holland.

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Cherry is an exciting project for Holland, who lost twenty-eight pounds and underwent a drastic makeover to properly portray the title character. The film is also an exciting project for Joe and Anthony Russo, who are producing and directing the feature film, based on a biographical novel by Nico Walker. In a previous interview, Anthony Russo had explained why the novel had seemed particularly close to them, as it talks about the bad state of addiction management in Cleveland.

Cherry was different in the sense that [upcoming thriller] Mosul couldn’t be further from the personal place we grew up in and Cherry It couldn’t be closer to that. I think that’s what really prompted us to Cherry: we’re from ClevelandThe novel is set in Cleveland, it’s very specific about many experiences and people that we were close with. Not in the sense that we knew the people in the book, but those guys who seem very familiar to us. And frankly, the fact that he was dealing with the opioid crisis was very important to us, we know a lot of people who have been affected by it, that area is kind of a ground zero for the opioid crisis, and it felt very timely and important. “

Clearly, both the directors and the leader of Cherry he had done everything he could to make the movie feel authentic and compelling. The response to the trailer for the film has been very positive, and it looks like the project is going to be another blow to the Holland-Russo creative partnership after their previous MCU collaborations.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Cherry stars Tom Holland. The film is slated to hit Apple TV + in 2021. Read the full interview with Tom Holland at Don.

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