For a higher-level version of the famous villain, MarineDevimon is perhaps too easy on the Digimon reboot.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 35 of Digimon Adventure: (2020), “The Glowing Angewomon”, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In this point, Digimon Adventure: (2020) has shattered any semblance of the status quo, with mega-level Digievolutions arriving only a few episodes in the reboot, and new forms available long before the original timeline. But sadly, not everything can succeed and, in some cases, agreement the status quo may have been for the better, especially in the case of MarineDevimon.

Appearing in Episode 35, this variant of Devimon lives underwater and, like its predecessor, is working towards the rebirth of Millenniumon. However, unlike the first Devimon, he is not a threat to our heroes, making a potentially large battle with high internal and external risks feel more like an afterthought than anything else.

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In the episode, MarineDevimon uses her powerful tentacles to lead Komondomon to her lair, and she immediately attacks the Digidestined and robs Kari, but the ultimate level Digimon barely objects. Tailmon, at the champion level, is easily able to break through his tentacles and rescue Hikari, with Tailmon’s slow corruption turning his own anger and fear against her, proving to be a far greater threat than MarineDevimon himself, who simply sits to one side while Tailmon deals with his internal struggle, neither attacking nor defending.

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This is particularly strange considering that in Digimon Adventure 02, Not only was a MarineDevimon capable of receiving a direct attack from Zudomon, but it was also able to simultaneously defend itself from Angemon and Submarimon. While he took a strategic retreat, he later reappeared and gave Takeru and Iori’s DNA Digivolved Shakkoumon a run for their money in Episode 44, “Dark Sun, Dark Spore”. They were able to destroy it eventually, and the battle didn’t get much screen time, but it was widely portrayed as a “we have to kill them before they can kill us” situation according to the other defeats shown. that episode.

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In contrast to the late stage high-risk threat that 02 MarineDevimon raised, Adventure: (2020) is very disappointing with pitiful looking attacks. The only reason he seemed to pose a threat was the element of surprise, along with the dark energy that surrounded him and allowed him to (briefly) corrupt Tailmon. But with Hikari there to help Tailmon, and Greymon able to go to higher levels if necessary, the threat posed by the only MarineDevimon was minimal. Even if he had been smart and continued to attack rather than allowing Hikari and Tailmon to have their heart to heart creating Angewomon that would allow them to destroy him in just two attacks, Greymon could easily have kept the bottom dweller at bay.

So while we’re happy to see the show once again focusing on character development and letting the characters rest between battles, MarineDevimon was an opponent who should at least have taken the all episode to defeat, instead of just a few minutes in the second half.

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