Does the ‘WandaVision’ theory prove that Wanda didn’t resurrect the vision or create her comedy reality?

Many WandaVision Fans are convinced that Wanda is the culprit of kidnapping the people of Westview and trapping them in a pseudo-reality. And the incriminating evidence points to the Avenger. But at the same time, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that not only is Wanda not really in control of what’s going on in Westview, she didn’t create the world of sitcoms within her, and she doesn’t have any control over her people. , but also, she is not the one who brought Vision back to life.

The dominant theory, according to SWORD and most of the MCU fans, is that Wanda is controlling Westview. In Episode 5, even Vision concluded that he is acting as puppeteers with the townspeople. If we only see the surface of the events, without delving further, it does indeed appear that Wanda is the mastermind. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that when Wanda tells Vision she doesn’t know “how this all started in the first place,” she may not be lying.

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Are Wanda and Agnes co-conspirators?

Much like the scene at the beginning of the episode, Agnes appeared at the moment when Wanda admitted that she needs help coping with the twins who continually cry. While it seems like distractions or help show up the second Wanda needs them, it’s just Agnes’s appearance that doesn’t surprise Wanda, which hints that she’s making her arrival happen.

But towards the end of the episode, even though the arrival of the “wrong” Pietro prevented Vision from confronting Wanda, the latter was really surprised and shocked to see him there. It seems more like she wasn’t the one to drive him to her doorstep, someone didn’t want Wanda to tell Vision why she’s at Westview in the first place if she didn’t create the reality of comedy.

Now, many have pointed out how when Vision hesitantly rejects Agnes’s help in caring for the twins, her groundbreaking nature and directly asking Wanda if she should “take it from above” means that she and Wanda are in this together. But notice how visibly scared Agnes (who we’re pretty sure is actually Agatha Harkness) is when the scene doesn’t play out according to “script” – she’s scared of Wanda. But Wanda is equally confused by the sudden change in her demeanor, which paints a completely different picture.

While Agatha Harkness in the comics was Wanda’s mentor and sympathizer, here she appears more as a lackey, a friendly / spy hand put in place to help / oversee Wanda and her life. Had she been a friend or co-conspirator of Wanda from the beginning, Agnes wouldn’t have asked her if she could reverse death when the twins asked their mother to bring their dog Sparky back to life. In fact, Agnes is really scared that she is, in a way, responsible for the death of Wanda’s children’s dog.

The fact that they’re in this together is hinted at once again when Wanda doesn’t get too upset when the children age twice in front of Agnes and even carelessly use magic in her presence. But then again, this is something he would have done from day one if this “nosy neighbor” was his accomplice.

Wanda’s interaction with Agnes in Episode 5 paints a very different picture – while Wanda is in charge of Westview in some way, she’s not the only one holding the reins. And whoever that someone is (it weighs heavily on Mephisto), not only is they in a dominant position, but Agnes is in cahoots with them as well.

Wanda protected Monica

Ever since Wanda kicked Monica out of the comedy world with tremendous force, we’ve been wondering how the latter survived the same thing without any injury. Now Monica makes it clear in Episode 5 that the landing should not have been injury free, but it was because Monica consciously chose to protect her. Clearly, this is not a sign of someone who is insane and just shoots people in blind rage. In fact, the part where Wanda sees a zombified form of Vision might just be a warning from who is really in control in response to her protecting Monica by keeping her out of harm’s way after she blew her cover by pronouncing her name. Ultron.

When Wanda leaves Westview to confront Tyler Hayward, Monica asks the most logical question: that it was her Wanda that she chose to help deliver the children. As we said earlier, whenever Wanda needs help, it is Agnes who knocks on the door. But on the day of her delivery, it is Monica, also known as Geraldine, who arrives at her door. Wanda unconsciously trusted Monica to help give birth to her children instead of Agnes or any of the countless Westview residents.

This proves once again that 1) Agnes and Wanda are not working together and 2) Wanda is not the hardcore villain that she is perceived to be. I wanted someone who was not part of the reality of the sitcom to give up their children; Now if they were all under his control, why would he search for someone who did not belong to his construction?

Wanda did no bring vision to life

From Monica’s little experiment in the last episode, we know that Wanda has the power to rewrite the appearance of what already exists. But when it comes to bringing the dead back, he has confirmed that he cannot revive someone who is dead. In episode 5, when Sparky dies, the way he explains how death is forever and cannot be reversed implies two things: he clearly believes in the “forever” aspect of death and cannot “fix the dead”, regardless of whether they are living beings or a synthezoid like Vision. If you could reverse death, wouldn’t you do it for your children? Or did your morale suddenly prevail?

Ever since Pietro was mentioned, his return was expected. But Pietro from MCU died in Ultron age so instead, we get Peter from the X-Men movies. Now, if she could raise the dead and supposedly want Pietro with her, wouldn’t she bring back her own brother, rather than a completely different version?

Also, he clearly didn’t anticipate Pietro’s appearance, that look of astonishment and confusion doesn’t sit well with someone who’s being painted as the ultimate mastermind behind the entire construction. But Vision has clearly been revived and the X-Men version of Pietro is here. And if the evidence is taken into account, Wanda is simply unable to pull off either one.

False reality is not Wanda’s creation either.

Remember when Vision woke up Norm, he didn’t say “Wanda”, but instead said repeatedly that a certain “she” was inside his head in episode 5? Wanda even tells Vision that she doesn’t know when or how everything that has been happening started; He has no idea how everyone’s real identity at Westview was suppressed or how the sitcom bubble was created in the first place.

This is further confirmed by the way Wanda has been puzzled by the way people at Westview sometimes behave, not surprised, puzzled by “Whoa, how did they break my hold on them?” but really shocked at what’s going on, be it her interaction with Dottie or the Harts in the first episode. There have been other inconsistencies as well: his magic doesn’t work on his twins, his multiple attempts to make the stork disappear in Episode 3 failed, Vision is already fully aware that everything is wrong in Westview, Sparky appeared without Wanda’s knowledge and died. . without her knowing.

Now even though Wanda stole Vision’s body from SWORD headquarters, our theory is that she took the plunge after learning that SWORD was experimenting with it against her wishes not to be used as a weapon. Seeing that Hayward didn’t bother to divulge the crucial information about Wanda breaking into SWORD to take Vision’s corpse earlier, reinforces our hypothesis. He only shares it now because he has sufficiently established that Wanda is a “terrorist” who cannot be trusted.

So maybe after stealing Vision’s body, she made it to Westview (though why she chose the location remains an enigma, whether or not she’s the real villain) and then fell in love with a diabolical deal with someone more powerful than her to bring back Vision. to the life. But while the initial deal was something else (maybe her powers), this other being had ulterior motives (like loving Wanda’s children) and thus cooked up the reality of the comedy to keep her pacified.

But now the cracks are showing, as Wanda is realizing what is happening, so it is rather losing the chance for a happy life that is keeping her here or the safety of Vision and also, her twins now. . And as long as even this doesn’t seem to keep the situation balanced, Peter Maximoff from another universe drops into Westview as a distraction.

Admittedly, for now, there are a lot of other things going on on the show that can’t be explained and seem to stick to what the story and the SWORD director (who is obviously not doing any good) are hinting at: which is all. What does Wanda do? And if it weren’t for all the evidence to the contrary, Wanda’s obvious confusion and lack of control (which shouldn’t have been there if she had been the one controlling everything), we would have been more than happy to jump on Wanda- is- a villain car now. The last episode of WandaVision currently airing on Disney +.

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