Dragon Ball: 5 ways Vegeta is different between GT and Super (and 5 is the same)

Despite being initially introduced as a villain (whom Akira Toriyama confirmed Shoko nakagawa that he originally wanted to kill during his first run), Vegeta remains one of the most loved and recurring characters in both the Dragon Ball manga and anime. For many fans, his popularity has dwarfed even that of the star, Goku, and that is why he has become such an essential aspect of the new. Dragon Ball spin-off.

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Such by-products, of course, include Dragon Ball GT Y Dragon Ball Super. Both have received mixed reactions from fans, but Vegeta remains a constant in both casts. With super focusing on the same Vegeta that fans saw at the end of From Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu Saga and GT Focusing on a much older Saiyan Prince, they both offer different (but similar) representations of the same character.

10 SAME: Gets facial hair briefly

Both series are infamous for giving Vegeta some facial hair that has a short lifespan. First in GT, that anime begins with Vegeta sporting a mustache. He had only just started growing it when the series started, but in a few episodes he decided to shave it because his daughter Bulla said “it makes you look like a total geek.”

Your facial hair on super it was even more short-lived, as he and Goku spent three days (which, there, equaled three years) training together in the Hyperbolic Chamber of Time.

9 DIFFERENT: Super gives Vegeta a redemption bow

Vegeta vs Moro on Namek

This mainly refers to the manga, as the anime has yet to adapt Moro Saga for television, but for those who haven’t read the manga, the latest super arc sees Goku and Vegeta go to New Namek to stop a new enemy. This mission is particularly personal for Vegeta considering the damage he did to Namek when he was evil in DBZ Coldness Saga.

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Vegeta acknowledges this himself in the arc, telling Moro that now that he regrets all the pain he inflicted on the Nameks in the past, he refuses to let the planet’s race suffer further trauma from anyone. In another place, in GTVegeta doesn’t have a redemption bow to speak of.

8 SAME: Vegeta ascends with new levels of Super Saiyan

Both of them super Y GT Characteristic ascending to another level of Super Saiyan. Although it can be argued that he cheated GT Having been affected by Bulma’s Blutz Waves rather than a natural transformation like Goku’s, he still becomes a Super Saiyan 4.

Meanwhile in superVegeta is promoted not once, but twice throughout the series. First, during the Resurrection F Saga, you can achieve Super Saiyan Blue. Then during the canon Broly movie, test your new Super Saiyan God form on the Legendary Super Saiyan. Technically, he achieves three transformations, with Super Saiyan Blue Evolved spliced ​​in the middle.

7 DIFFERENT: Vegeta suggests Fusion in GT

When Goku mentions merging with Vegeta through the Potara earrings in Goku Black Saga and Fusion Dance in the Broly In the film, the Saiyan Prince is repulsed by the idea of ​​becoming one with his enemy friend and initially rejects the request until something convinces him.

Vegeta doesn’t need to be convinced to fuse so tightly into Dragon Ball GT. During GT’s final arc, realizing that two Super Saiyan 4 are not enough to stop the final Shadow Dragon, Omega Shenron, Vegeta is surprisingly the first to suggest fusion. Goku obeys with ease and they become Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

6 SAME: He is briefly an antagonist again

Vegeta was one of the main baddies of From Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga and then briefly turns evil again for Majin Buu Saga, but since then the Prince of the Saiyans has never strayed from the side of good. Technically, that’s still the case, but for some technicalities, audiences see an evil Vegeta again.

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First in GT, is evil for the latter part of Baby Saga when possessed by Baby, a Tuffle survivor who seeks revenge after the Saiyans wiped out his race decades before. In super, Vegeta himself does not turn evil, but Copy Vegeta is created once Commeson drains the Prince of his powers to create a duplicate.

5 DIFFERENT: His temperament is more tolerant in GT

Since it was first introduced in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta had always had a little contact with the Saiyan Saga until the end of the series. That temperament carries over to Dragon ball super, where he is constantly angry about his family vacation.

However, with GT taking place in the future, GT shows an older and wiser Vegeta with a longer temper and greater tolerance for annoyance. The temperament is still there, clearly, but it is not as easy to irritate him as it was in his younger days exhibited in super Y DBZ.

4 SAME: They introduce their daughter Bulla

The end of Dragon Ball Z during the Peaceful World Saga he first introduced the idea that Bulma and Vegeta had another son named Bulla after the events of the Majin Buu Saga. Viewers can see a teenage version of Bulla over the course of Dragon Ball GT.

Meanwhile, super bridges the gap between the two programs as super takes place shortly after the events of Buu Saga, so fans can see the birth of Bulla. Interestingly, after Bulma becomes pregnant again, Vegeta is too distracted to think about competing in Zeno’s tournament, so Whis sped up Bulma’s birthing process.

3 DIFFERENT: Put family before fighting in GT

In superWhile his drive to fight for the betterment of his family is still there, Vegeta remains a proud Saiyan warrior at heart, and with a few rare exceptions (such as seeing the birth of his daughter), he is ready to spring into action. anytime.

That is not the case in GT. While Vegeta’s warrior side motivates him to continue training strongly, this older Vegeta in GT seems to have given up the fight completely. With his eyes more on raising two children and being a loving husband, his ambitions as a wrestler have deteriorated and he will only fight if he is sure it is absolutely necessary.

2 SAME: He gives up his grudge against Kakarrot

Goku and Vegeta against the trio of dangers

When super First it begins, despite the implications at the end of the Majin Buu saga, Vegeta is still obsessed with being stronger than Goku. However, during the midway point of the series, he stops worrying about beating Goku’s level. His new ideology aligns more with his GT counterpart, who after years of establishing himself in humanity does not care about being Goku’s rival.

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The closest that GT Vegeta always gets to worry is when he wishes to reach Super Saiyan 4, and even then, it is not because he wanted to demonstrate his equal status to Goku or become stronger than him. It’s because he felt powerless watching from the sidelines in previous sagas and wanted to be useful for once.

one DIFFERENT: He is dressed to fight in super but he dresses casually in GT

The most notable and obvious differences between GT Vegeta and super Vegeta lies in how both characters are designed. In superExcept for a few subtle improvements, Vegeta’s armor mostly resembles his original DBZ suit, particularly as it was seen during the Android saga as a kind of throwback.

Meanwhile, with GTSince Vegeta had spent so many years settled in his family life, he had no interest in fighting. At his age, he has let his guard down enough to walk around in casual clothes, sporting a short leather jacket, matching pants, and a tank top with fingerless gloves.

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