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the World News The finale has resonated with viewers around the world and will continue to pull the hearts of international viewers who can access the movie on Netflix. As a traditional Westerner, the narrative conflict is straightforward: A Civil War veteran cares for a young orphan in 1870 Texas. However, there are deeper thematic meanings that will naturally affect the way one experiences and interprets Paul Greengrass’ production.

Based on the 2016 novel by Paulette Jiles, World News stars Tom Hanks as Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd. In North Texas, the San Antonio native discovers Johanna, a lost white girl who had previously been living with Native Americans. When it is discovered that the girl was kidnapped from her parents now deceased years before, Kidd agrees to accompany the girl back to her relatives. Along the way, the grizzled newsreader discovers that Johanna Leonberger actually prefers to be called “Cicada” and also learns valuable life lessons from the young woman. As the protagonists head south, Kidd realizes that he must return home and finally deal with the death of his late wife, Maria.

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World News The climax involves a series of spontaneous and complex decisions that will forever affect the lives of the main protagonists. A former soldier, Almay (Michael Covino) wants to buy Johanna and subsequently goes after her and Kidd. When the duo escape, they face other obstacles in the form of a conservative militia leader, Merritt Farley (Thomas Francis Murphy), who does not approve of Kidd’s progressive thinking. When the protagonists escape again, Kidd must choose his path. He leaves Johanna with her strict and unloving relatives, travels home to visit Mary’s grave, and believes that God is punishing him for all that he has seen and done. However, in a final twist, Kidd returns to Castroville, rescues Johanna from a life of servitude, and then begins a new journey with her adopted daughter. Here’s a full final breakdown for World News.

Why Kidd Helps Johanna But Then Leaves Her

In World NewsKidd initially cares for Johanna for practical reasons and self-interest. Since she travels reading the news to the cities, it makes sense to at least take care of the girl for as long as she can. Still, Kidd plans to essentially ditch Johanna because he’s not ready for a long-term commitment. All that changes when he meets an old friend, Ella Gannett (Elizabeth Marvel), who by chance speaks Kiowa and thus can translate messages between the two protagonists.

At a key moment, Ella references Kidd’s late wife and tells the man that he needs to go home. “do things right”. So while the central journey seems to be about the honorable intentions of Hanks’ character, he’s not fully involved in Johanna’s future. In fact, he leaves her in Castroville, although the girl’s uncle suggests that she is destined for a life of grueling work rather than a life of freedom and opportunity. Kidd can clearly say that Johanna’s future is bleak, but she still leaves. The public may wonder why Kidd would abandon a girl who has been orphaned twice, but it is clear that she is suffering a great existential crisis. In a traditional western, a tortured soul like Kidd may choose to spend his life alone, however World News subverts that concept by having Kidd return to Castroville to save Johanna, his crisis is resolved.

Explanation of Captain Kidd’s existential crisis

Helena Zengel and Tom Hanks in News of the World

When Kidd returns home to San Antonio, he meets his old friend Willie Branholme (Bill Camp). It is revealed that Maria died of cholera five years earlier and that the Tom Hanks character received news of her death while serving in the Texas Third Infantry. From Kidd’s perspective, he believes that God is punishing him, presumably for killing men in the Civil War. After all, Maria died in 1865, just as her husband was returning home at the end of the war. The unfortunate twist of fate intruded into Kidd’s head and he has been carrying a heavy burden ever since.

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When World News begins, Kidd has adopted a fatalistic point of view due to his life experiences. As a result, he does not initially value his time with Johanna, but instead sees his journey as a natural extension of his destiny, another punishment from God. In San Antonio, the aforementioned Willie brings a tough love, which is both jarring and rejuvenating to Hanks’ character. You have spent the last few years trapped in your own thoughts and unable to see the big picture. By looking beyond his own misery and forgiving himself, Kidd manages to resolve his inner conflict and receives a new clarity.

How the news of the world heralds the end

Tom Hanks and Helena Zengel in News of the World

World News Heralds the end with a mid-movie conversation between Kidd and Johanna. During a moment of peace on the road, the Civil War vet and the young woman translate words, surrounded by Mother Nature. When Kidd asks to learn more words in the Kiowa language, Johanna explains that “daum” is the word for earth and use your arms to make a larger point on the circle of life. For Kidd, it is a profound moment, yet it suggests that he is simply living off “A straight line” Y “Looking for a place to be”. He even urges Johanna to stop thinking about the past when she seems to remember German words from her upbringing. But the girl has an important life lesson for Kidd, one she remembers in the film’s final moments: “To move on, you must first remember.” In the final sequence, Kidd does exactly this by saying goodbye to his wife and returning to Castroville to save Johanna.

News of the true meaning of the world

World News It boils down to the religious conflict and Kidd’s spiritual connection to Johanna. The character travels around Texas reading the news to people, while also enlightening them, essentially making him a preacher in the making. The irony, however, is that Hanks’ character feels that God has abandoned him because of what he has done and seen during the Civil War; he is so depressed that he cannot imagine a happy life in the future. Kidd believes that he is doing the right thing by traveling in a “straight line,” But he’s actually running from the past and what appears to be his calling: spreading the good news, and not just for the money.

As for Johanna, she teaches Kidd to remember the past and thus inadvertently inspires him to be a better man. They form a strong spiritual connection along the way together, but Kidd once again creates a distance between himself and someone he loves. In the end, Kidd essentially makes a spiritual conversion by embracing the flash of light that is Johanna, someone who opened the door to a new perspective on life. World News It ends with the two protagonists acting and reading together, and the subtext implies that Kidd is no longer just a newsreader, but someone who is making the world a better place by spreading the good news (that is, the word of God). In that sense, Kidd is a Christ-like figure and Johanna is his guardian angel.

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What happens after the news of the end of the world?

Helena Zengel and Tom Hanks in News of the World

World News It ends in 1870 with Kidd and Johanna beginning a new life together. While demons from the past may still linger for both characters, the actual historical time frame of the era suggests a brighter future. In March 1870, Congress restored Texas to the union after the Civil War, and a democratic change allowed some minorities to prosper. A new state constitution was adopted in 1876, and Jenny Bland Beauchamp led social reforms for women just a few years later through the Union of Christian Women for Temperance, an organization that no doubt would have had the support of someone like Kidd. In theory, the Hanks character would have spent the 1870s spreading the “good news” in Texas and inspiring people with his stories. In the early 1880s, Johanna would likely have ventured out as an adult to take advantage of career opportunities that didn’t exist just after the Civil War.

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