Every Mass Effect 2 Companion Romance Option

With six excellent romantic options awarding players the Paramour achievement, it can be difficult for Shepard to settle down with just one character.

Mass effect 2 It gives Shepard a total of six romantic options among his top companions, with three female squad members vying for the male Shepard’s attention and three male squad members interested in female Shepard. Although there are several other romantic characters in Mass effect 2, only six of them will give players the Paramour achievement to develop a relationship.

Although Mass effect 2 was a groundbreaking sequel that for many players surpassed the first game in terms of story and mechanics, some players may be disappointed by the lack of same-sex romance options, especially since they are available in everyone else. Massive effect games. However, the relationship options in Mass effect 2 they are still well developed and emotionally passionate, so they are worth it if the player is inclined towards love.

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With six great romance options to choose from, it can be difficult for Shepard to settle down with just one character. Here is each Mass effect 2 Romance partner option.

Mass Effect 2 Romantic Option for Male Shepard: Miranda

Mass Effect 2 romantic option Miranda

Miranda Lawson is a human Cerberus operator who was genetically engineered to be the perfect human in every way, although at first she has a very cold attitude towards Shepard and the rest of the Normandy crew. Completing her loyalty mission and supporting her in discussions with other crew members will earn her trust and allow a male Shepard to develop a romantic relationship with Miranda.

Mass Effect 2 Romantic Option for Shepard: Jacob

Mass Effect 2 Jacob Romance Option

Jacob Taylor is a Cerberus human operative and former Alliance Marine who joins the Normandy crew after helping Shepard escape the attack on Cerberus at the beginning of Mass effect 2. Although Jacob initially shows no interest in a female Shepard, he will pursue her quite persistently after his allegiance mission.

Mass Effect 2 Romance Option for Male Shepard: Jack

Mass Effect 2 Jack Romance Option

Mass effect 2 Jack, also known as Subject Zero, is a powerful human biotic who was kidnapped by Cerberus as a baby so they could conduct experiments on her.

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Having an affair with her isn’t easy because she is tough, abrasive, and doesn’t trust anyone in the crew, but if a male Shepard is downright honest with her and supports her when she needs it, Jack will seek a relationship.

Mass Effect 2 Romance Option for Shepard: Garrus

Mass Effect 2 Garrus Romantic Option

Garrus Vakarian is a Turian who joins Normandy in Massive effect 1 and remains a loyal crew member throughout the original games. Garrus’s attraction to a Shepard woman makes him awkward and uncomfortable, but after his loyalty mission, he is able to overcome his problems and share his feelings with her.

Mass Effect 2 Romance Option for Male Shepard: Tali

Mass Effect 2 Tali Romantic Option

Tali’Zorah vas Neema is a @uarian technician who works with Shepard on Massive effect 1-3. During the second game, Tali is attracted to the male Shepard, so starting an affair with her is simply a matter of telling her that the feelings are mutual. He even puts his health at risk by removing his suit to become intimate with Shepard.

Mass Effect 2 Romance Option for Shepard: Thane

Mass Effect 2 Thane Romance Option

Thane Krios is a terminally ill Drell assassin who joins Shepard’s crew in Mass effect 2 Hoping to ease his guilt by doing something good before he dies. After a Shepard woman completes Thane’s loyalty mission, he opens up to her about his illness and past, and they share a passionate and romantic moment.

Mass effect 2 forces players to make many difficult decisions, including who to pursue as a romantic choice. Regardless of Shepard’s gender, they have a loyal squad full of interesting and complicated characters to choose from.

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