Fairy Tail: how the great magic games became a crucial turning point for the guild

At the Natsu Tournament of the Great Fairy Tail Magic Game, Natsu and the others proved their worth, winning some key allies along the way.

Fairy taleThe arcs of history pit their heroes against a wide variety of powerful villains, beginning with Lyon Vastia and his allies on Galuna Island. By the time Natsu and his allies survived their ordeal against Grimoire Heart on Tenrou Island, they thought they had faced their final test. Then the Grand Magic Games tournament began.

Many battle shonen have a tournament bow, but the Fairy tale The anime made the most of it. The Grand Magic Games story arc is one of Fairy taleThe longest and most exciting, and most important, was when Natsu, Gajeel, Lucy, and the others truly proved their worth, allowing the disgraced Fairy Tail guild to be reborn.

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Recent events had not been kind to the Fairy Tail Guild. While the guild gained a few new members after clashing with Phantom Lord’s defunct guild, the S-rank mage exams on Tenrou Island afterward went horribly wrong. The insidious Grimoire Heart guild arrived in force, led by their dark guild master Hades, the former second master of Fairy Tail. It took everything Natsu and the others had to triumph, only narrowly missing defeat thanks to the timely intervention of Gildarts Clive, and after that, the appearance of Acnologia, which put everyone on Tenrou Island in stasis for a full seven years.

Without its best wizards on hand, Fairy Tail went through difficult times, suffering from poverty, a bad reputation and a lack of solid leadership. The Sabretooth guild now dominated, and they, with guilds like Twilight Ogre, regularly tormented Fairy Tail, demanding a little revenge for past embarrassments. But the chance to bounce back was just around the corner: the upcoming Grand Magic Games tournament, a massive multi-guild tournament held each year in Crocus, the capital of Fiore. Sabretooth was a major force in all tournaments up to that point, but Fairy Tail was back in business, and the best would prove her guild’s worth, tournament-style.

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Fairy Tail was starting from scratch, and its members suffered some early losses during the multi-stage tournament, despite a strong start to the qualifying rounds, thanks in large part to Erza and Elfman Strauss. Saber Tooth was still the top dog, and it shot straight to the top of the leaderboard, with Fairy Tail at 0 points. Then someone from the ancient history of Fairy Tail returned: Mavis Vermillion.

Decades ago, Mavis practically died due to her difficult relationship with Zeref, but since then she had gathered enough magic to appear in ghostly form. While her guild could hardly believe their eyes, Mavis put her tactical mind to use the coordination of Fairy Tail teams during a free-for-all battle on the streets of Crocus. Without her, the guild might have lost to Sabertooth once and for all.

But with the help of the first Fairy Tail member, Erza, Natsu, and the others maneuvered into the best possible positions to avoid their most dangerous enemies until it was time to attack. Erza, for her part, faced powerful rivals in the form of Minerva Orland and Kagura Mikazuchi. And even after this battle was concluded, Mavis would return again to help her beloved guild with everything she had at her disposal.

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The dragon hunters Natsu and Gajeel, despite being intense rivals, teamed up against the Sabertooth dragon hunter duo, Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney. Natsu and Gajeel, despite their antipathy towards each other, learned to fight as a team against the best of Sabertooth and, in the middle, Gajeel trusted that Natsu would take care of Rogue and Sting on his own. Sure enough, Natsu triumphed thanks to the faith of his guildmates in him, and Fairy Tail proved to all of Fiore that it was home to the best dragon hunters on the continent.

Laxus Dreyar, meanwhile, took care of family matters. He had recently started to mend his relationship with his grandfather Makarov, and now, he faced his father Ivan Dreyar, master of the sinister Raven Tail guild. Despite Ivan’s psychological warfare and cunning magical illusions, Laxus prevailed, proving that Fairy Tail’s form of trust and friendship would always outweigh deception and manipulation. Laxus had finally become a true Fairy Tail hero, after inciting the guild’s civil war and being exiled for his misdeeds. From this point on, Laxus would be a true Fairy Tail mage and would never attack his guildmates again.

Lucy also had a moment of glory: reinventing herself as a celestial mage, summoning multiple spirits from Taurus to Gemini to Cancer with ease during her duel against Flare Corona, and even casting the Uranometria spell. If it weren’t for Raven Tail’s traps, Lucy would have won. She came a long way, and in future battles, she would prove it again.

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