Florence Pugh to play a killer robot in Apple’s sci-fi drama ‘Dolly’

Okay. Take a breath. Here it goes.

Deadline reports Florence pugh will star in the movie Dolly for Apple TV +. Pugh will play a sensitive “buddy robot” who kills his owner, then claims he’s not guilty, asks for a lawyer, and goes to trial. It’s a dystopian sci-fi film from the near future crossed with a classic legal suspense court drama, and Pugh will be the cyber hub of it all.

Now that there is a lot of information to assimilate. It’s okay? Drinking water? So let’s move on.

Florence Pugh in Black Widow

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I think this sounds drug. It’s such a bizarre crossover of genres and represents another surreal and dramatic thriller that Academy Award-nominated Pugh is joining, following Midsummer, Do not worry honeyY The maid. It’s a great genre sandbox to play with, and I’m thankful that Pugh is using his influence to push and play as hard as he can. It also talks about and expands on some very engaging and interesting conversations we all have about AI. It feels like a “when” no “if” robots that gain sensitivity, blur our normal limits of intelligence and demand the same human rights as the rest of us. Why not apply this conversation to a time-tested genre like the legal thriller, which we haven’t seen too many feature films of lately?


Dolly will be written by Vanessa taylor (The shape of water) Y Drew Pearce (Hotel Artemis); This trio’s package sparked a tough bidding war between streamers, with Apple TV + winning. The trio will also produce the film alongside Pearce’s producing partner. Ian Fisher.

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