Fortnite: The Flash deserves its OWN gameplay, not just a crossover look

The Flash is long overdue for his own video game. His next appearance in Fortnite proves it more than ever.

Years ago, there was an attempt to bring The flash to video game consoles in a single title. Sadly, the game was canceled prior to exiting beta testing. Now the character returns to consoles in the hit multiplayer game. Fortnite. While this is a significant first step for Flash in gaming, it has long owed its own solo adventure that captures its decades of history.

Many aspects of Flash make him the ideal protagonist of a video game. Putting his iconic superspeed in the palms of the player’s hands would be as exhilarating as taking a swing for the first time in Marvel Spider-Man. Also, fast scrolling and moving indoors can have different speed levels than regular scrolling. Fast travel could allow the player to race from Central City to Keystone City, and indoor speed could be used as a more acrobatic / parkour style of getting around, once activated.

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With so many characters in the Flash family and the DC Universe, cameos would be a welcome addition to the game. Some heroes who could join could be Wally West, Bart Allen or League of Justice members like him Green Lantern or Superman. A fun side mission could be to compete with Wally or Superman across the world.

It is true that the combat would be complicated, but nothing impossible. Players can have various abilities at their disposal, such as throwing lightning bolts, creating tornadoes, or putting out fires. Similar to Marvel Spider-Man, street villains would be easier to defeat than other speedsters or gravity-based enemies, which might require more creative thinking.

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There are countless amazing stories in Flash’s history, but they are only as good as their villain, and Reverse-Flash is one of the most challenging in their rogues gallery. A story in which he torments Barry Allen could open up some incredible moments for a video game. Players could engage in a battle through the force of speed and feel all the drama that Barry has gone through at the hands of his arch enemy.

With an open world map featuring at least two cities found in the comics, there would be countless side quests. Same as him Arkham games, this would be a perfect opportunity to have levels dedicated to the less threatening baddies of Flash, such as Captain Cold and The Top. The final side quest could feature them teaming up to form the Rogues and attempting to defeat Barry as a group.

Finally, alternative costumes for a Flash game could cover its entire history from games, movies, television, and comics. With so much history to discover, the extras and elements found in the game could lead to the much larger DC Universe and potentially even lead to more games set in it. Flash has the potential to be DC’s next big video game star, and it’s time for the next generation to explore this idea.

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