Fortnite Tron Crossover Portal Leaks Into New Data Mine

According to a recent leak that includes a couple of files associated with Tron, a Tron crossover could be coming to Fortnite in the near future.

It looks like the next junction in Fortnite will be based on Disney’s Tron franchise, as data miners discovered. Season 5 of the game is all about crossover characters and bounty hunters from across the multiverse, with the most recent one landing on Battle Island today.

Flash, the famous DC Comics speedster, just arrived at Fortnite along with a dedicated Flash Cup tournament. The incorporation of the superhero was predicted a couple of days ago when the famous leaker iFireMonkey reported on his discovery. According to the source, Flash was about to join the battle on February 10, while the character’s actual skin was clearly inspired by Grant Gustin’s appearance and costume from the CW. Flash TV show. All of the information revealed by the leaker was officially confirmed later via an announcement from Epic Games.

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Although Flash is not yet available in the Item Shop, there could be another big crossover on the horizon. As popular revealed Fortnite dataminer and filter Hypex, there is an image of a portal and an audio file associated with it discovered in the game client. The portal is very reminiscent of a structure of the Tron sci-fi franchise, more specifically, the latest movie Tron: Legacy. Dubbed the Mainframe portal, this leaked structure hints at an obvious Tron crossover, which will likely be officially announced soon. The image literally represents the grid, the area of ​​the Tron digital world. Also, the audio file contains background music, which would have been perfectly suited to the Legacysoundtrack composed by Daft Punk. While it is not known exactly which character could be used for a cross skin, an accompanying glider cosmetic should definitely be the cycle of light.

If true, an as yet undisclosed Tron character will join an already rich roster of heroes crossed in Fortnite. Iconic IP characters and well-established franchises are invading the game in season 5, which focuses on borrowing famous bounty hunters from across the multiverse. Players have already taken advantage of auraMaster Chief, God of Warit’s Kratos, and even TerminatorT-800. The flagship of season 5 was the Mandalorian, whom many hail as the latest pop culture phenomenon thanks to the character’s stellar popularity inside and outside the box. Star Wars community.

While recent information almost certainly suggests a Tron crossover, there aren’t too many iconic characters in the franchise that could be selected for Fortnite. It is worth noting, however, that Tron belongs to Disney, and the company maintains a successful collaboration with Epic Games Fortnite. This association could have simply forced Epic to prepare a Tron Cross. Still, the developers were able to introduce Rinzler, the character from Tron: Legacy, as a potential bounty hunter. In addition, it can be delivered in two skin variants: Rinzler and Tron.

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Source: Hypex / Twitter

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